6 Stocking Fillers We Love For Christmas

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Need some last-minute stocking fillers? We’ve got you covered. Here are 6 gifts that are perfect for your friends or family, and you can get them all online!

Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread

For real, for real. Who doesn’t like bread? Barrett’s Ridge makes the most delicious (and easy to create) beer bread in the game. There are many flavours to choose from and you just need to add beer! or soda water… whatever your preference. 

Get yours here.

Swiitch Beauty 

Summer Skin for the win! Swiitch Beauty’s #WaterGel – plumping + hydrating serum is super ideal for your skincare-fanatic posse. It ‘intensively hydrates, tightens pores, calms redness and gives skin a plump, dewy look’ 

Buy it now!

Mask Buddy

Situation: You get to your friend’s house or you’re out for the night, you take off your mask and get comfy, and then boom, your mask has gone walkabout. But fret not! Mask Buddy has your back, er, face, covered! Custom made mask holders are everything we need right now in this panorama.

Custom order here.

U/R Italian

U/R Italians Paris Handbag is 😍. It’s the perfect accessory for your summer outfit and you can grab it in many beautiful and funky colours! As U/R says, ‘Your every day “Chanel Bag” – sophisticated and made to the highest quality.’

Get one here.

Anasa Skin

Let’s talk body, baby. Anasa Skin has some ah-may-zing body products for your every need. But here, we are talking about the Kalahari Salt Body Scrub as your perfect stocking filler. Who doesn’t love a good exfoliation? 

Get a tub here.

Ukama Foundation

Last but certainly not least, if you would like to give the gift of giving, the Ukama Foundation is always looking to help those in need. And a donation in your friend or family’s name is eternally appreciated.

You can donate to their worthy cause here.

Do you have any other gifts in mind that we should be filling out stockings with? Let us know in the comments!

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