Aimee Kitshoff – More Than Just A “WAG”

They say, behind every successful man, there is a strong woman, and this definitely rings true when we think of the wives and girlfriends of our professional rugby players. Especially Aimee Kitshoff.

You’ve seen them at the games, you’ve seen them on TV, and you’ve seen them alongside their partners at functions. So, what does it really take to be a “WAG”?

After 7 years of dating, Professional Rugby Player and “Spicy Plum” as they call him, Steven Kitshoff, popped that all-important question to now-wife, Aimee Steenkamp. The couple resides in Cape Town, where Steven applies his trade for the Stormers.

HEYBOO got to ‘virtually’ sit down with Aimee in an all-exclusive interview.

Do you feel pressure to be a certain way or do certain things as a wife to a successful sportsman? 

No, not at all. Steven is such a humble and calm person so it’s pretty easy with him.

What life advice would you give to young girls who look up to you?  

Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self and learn to love that person because as a “wag” you will be spending a lot of time without your partner so being happy independently is essential. 

What do you do to deal with the negativity criticism in the media as part of the WAG lifestyle? 

It doesn’t bother us much. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. We just choose to focus on those that have our best interest at heart. 

Aimee Kitshoff

As a “WAG” how do you plan on using your platform to influence the youth in a positive way?  

I hope that my platform inspires the youth to travel and try new things and go on adventures. I think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

What kind of role model do you aspire to be and why? 

I just hope people see me as kind and caring. With so much negativity out there I hope some people will be inspired to be a little more positive and friendly. 

Why do you think it’s important to have positive self-esteem and how do you maintain it?  

This is very important as people are very quick to make mean and nasty remarks about public figures and apparently this includes thoughts on their partners as well. Once again I think it’s so important to decide whose opinions and advice you take to heart and the rest you should try to ignore.

In your daily life, how do you maintain a positive outlook? Be it with exercise, catching up with friends, etc? 

All of the above. I definitely lean on my friends, family and exercise to keep me sane and positive.

Aimee Kitshoff

How do you deal with the competitive nature between the other “WAGS”?  

This doesn’t really phase me as I just try to focus on myself and Steven, and our relationship. Also, most of the “wags” are very supportive and actually understand most situations and difficult decisions better than a lot of people on the outside. 

How do you maintain positive relationships despite the difficulties that come with being a “WAG” such as when you moved abroad to a foreign country? 

It’s definitely not easy and communication is vital, but most people understand how difficult it is and are very supportive of our crazy life.

Quick Fire Questions For Aimee Kitshoff:

Your nickname for Steven: Kitsie and ‘liefie’
How long have you been married for? A year and a half
Your favourite date night restaurant: Bouchon Bistro, Cape Town
Who is more romantic: Me, for sure
Steven’s best attribute: Definitely how humble he is
Your most cherished gift: My wedding gift a beautiful piece of art signed by Mr Nelson Mandela.
First to apologise after a disagreement: Steven
What you love most about your relationship: That we are best friends first
Who made the first move: Steven

Thanks Aimee! Follow her journey below.

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