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Aisha Baker

Calling all bloggers 📢 the mother of all digital content is here!

Aisha Baker of Baked Online gave us some inside scoop on her day-to-day during the lockdown, as well as some advice for aspiring bloggers out there.

Who is Aisha Baker and why did you start Baked Online?

I am a digital influencer mom and wife, I started Baked Online as a form of expression in my teens and it’s grown into a brand I’m super proud of. Later this year will see the launch of our first collection Baked Collection.

Can you describe a day in the life of an online sensation such as yourself?

With lockdown, my life is pretty scheduled around doing play school with my son. We do breakfast as a family and then I spend 9-12 doing play activities with him. Once he naps I do some work and deal with admin or shoot content before cooking dinner for everyone.

The blogosphere is quite a competitive environment, to what can you attribute your success? 

I think being an early adopter gave me a slight advantage and being really great at networking has allowed me to make it financially successful.

Aisha Baker

You have some amazing awards under your belt, which are your most treasured?

It’s hard to decide but probably being on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. It was the only award I actually kind of had in my head as a goal and to achieve it was really mind-blowing.

Who is your inspiration and why?

My son is my biggest inspo he keeps me really motivated and inspired. I love seeing the world through his eyes.

Any advice for aspiring influencers and bloggers out there?

The market is pretty saturated right now so having a clear plan and structure of what you’re going to cover and the audience you’re targeting is key. With print media becoming obsolete in South Africa there are lots of opportunities and earning potential granted the quality of the content is high and the message is clear and direct.

Quickfire Questions:

  • Describe your style in one word: Comfortable 
  • Must-have beauty product: Hibiscus moisturiser 
  • Favourite place to travel to: New York 
  • Celeb crush: Wayne Parnell (my husband) 
  • Last dinner ever, what are you eating: Pizza! 
  • Favourite quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Thank you Aisha!

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