Amanda du-Pont Launches an African Eco-Friendly Skincare Collection

32-year-old actress, model, and media personality Amanda du-Pont has entered into the skincare business with a bang. The skincare brand called Lelive was first announced in 2020 but it’s the first-ever full collection that the brand has put onto the market. 

The African vegan skincare line is made up of 95% of natural ingredients. The skincare brand is pronounced as leh-lee-veh, she named the brand after her Swazi name and translates to “of the nation or world.” du-Pont’s skincare collection speaks to her authentic self as a Swazi -born South African. 

The skincare range name is not the only personal touch that du-Pont has added to the brand but she has always made it her mission to ensure the brand is environmentally friendly, she stated, “the thing about these products is that there are no colourants, no fragrances added; this is its pure and natural colour”. du-Pont has always advocated for a sustainable planet and as an ambassador for Greenpeace Oceans, this savvy businesswoman was for sure going to make a product that does not harm the planet. 

Some of the special ingredients in the Lelive skincare range consist of du-Pount all-time favourite natural ingredients such as Rooibos and a bit of Jelly that contains aloe. The well-known media personality first a fan of natural products when she started taking take the time and nourish her hair. Miss du-Pount is praised for having such beautiful health curls that it is not a surprise that her skin is always on fleek. 

Lelive is not just a natural product but the brand purpose is to ensure your pure skin is protected from harsh ingredients and has been dermatologist tested to ensure the safety of its consumers and the environment. The packaging is made out of aluminium which is one of the main reasons that makes this brand eco-friendly and sustainable. 

“In the development of this range, we worked hard to produce a product that is top quality at an affordable price – because everyone deserves to have great skin. We were looking for a brand and product that was clean, simple, and effective, whilst staying true to what makes Africa truly unique,” she said.

The official Lelive Instagram page has over 20k followers and counting. Spoil your mom this Mother’s day with this affordable eco-friendly 7 piece skincare range, by heading to the Lelive while stocks last. 

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Zahirah holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and is an aspiring young lifestyle journalist. She is passionate about female empowerment and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. She can be found writing, meditating, and reading up on the latest trends in her free time.