An Exclusive Interview with the Founder of African Born Skincare Brand BeautSerums


“It’s your face. Love it, care for it, own it”


South African based skincare brand BeautSerums is a South African brand that creates clean products with ethically sourced ingredients such as Aloe and Azelaic Acid to name a few. I had the opportunity to chat with founder, Robyn Fenner, about her amazing serums and the importance of inclusivity. 

When and why was BeautSerums founded? 

Beaut was introduced to the world in July 2021, so although we are but a fledgling brand, we have been working away to get it to where it is today for more than a year. It was founded out of a love for skincare and a yearning to see high quality, affordable, hard-hitting serums in the local skincare landscape.

As a Skin-Care brand, what makes it uniquely South African? 

We have such a harsh climate here in South Africa, our skin goes through a lot; we push its limits. Our formulations aim at targeting the most common skin concerns that us South Africans tend to have issues with.

We are South Africans and speak in a way that is relatable, we are not trying to confuse the consumer with scientific messaging or jargon. Our products do what they say on the bottle- we have done the scientific research for the Beauts of the world to easily incorporate into their existing routines.

Robyn Fenner

Inclusivity is one of the brands value, why is this so important for BeautSerums? 

We all have skin and that skin is beautiful! All humans share similar skin concerns and we wanted to create a simple range that spoke to those concerns, a brand that was a no-nonsense straight-shooting approach to serious skincare!

If you had to choose, what is your favourite product from your range?

Well, I really wouldn’t want any of them to fall off of my bathroom shelf. If pushed (hard) I would say Power Potion, no Face Juice! Face Juice is easy to love, and delivers a plumped up, dewy skin, every time.


Is there anything exciting BeautSerums is working on for the future? 

Oh yes, we have some exciting off-shoot products in development currently… these things take time though- we have high standards and would go through months of trial and error until our products are spot on, over getting a product to market quickly…

As an experienced businesswoman, what advice would you give young girls or women who want to start their own beauty brand? 

Find your people! You really need to find brilliant brains that you trust and enjoy working with. These specialists need to aligned and share the brand vision, they need to get on board for the journey that is getting a brand to market.

Also, the beauty world is very competitive; there are global heritage brands as well as great South African brands out there to contend with so, what is your unique product offering?

Thank you so much, Robyn! To shop the BeautSerums products, visit and keep up to date with their latest serums and more by following their Instagram page below ↯

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