Anansé Naturals – Skin Care Products That Make You Glow ✨

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Love your skin! Anansé Naturals, a skincare company from the stunning area of Stilbaai, sources local products to create healthy, glowing skin.

We chatted with Jill, the founder of Anansé, to find out more about her products and why she got into the skincare business…

Tell us more about Ananse Naturals, and why did you decide to get into natural skincare?

I’ve always been interested in skincare and started making my own for me and my family a few years ago. I have always had sensitive skin, and in recent years it has become more pronounced. Nothing was really working, so I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally 😊 ), and started making soap. The product line grew from there.

What type/s of products do you offer and what sets your products apart from others on the market?

We offer handmade soap, hydrating bath fizzies, body butters, and scrubs. We do our best to source locally, and only use ingredients that we can source close to home. Our products work to create healthy, glowing skin, and each ingredient is carefully selected to support that outcome.


Three of your fave go-to products from your range?

  1. Any of the bath fizzies – such a luxurious treat
  2. The Coffee & Vanilla foaming sugar scrub – oh my goodness, is all I can say. 😊
  3. The Soothe Aloe & Rosemary soap bar. I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel, and the simple rosemary essential oil aroma.

Where can we browse and purchase your skincare range?

You can browse our online shop (, and we also sell in a growing number of shops in the Western Cape. These will soon be listed in full on our web site.

Thanks Jill! Check out Anansé Naturals Instagram below ❤︎

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