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I have noticed a lot of hype on social media during the lockdown period where clients need help with their nails. Whether it be the removal of a product or just simple at-home nail care. Beauty By K has got you covered!

I know during our daily, busy lives, that routine nail care can sometimes take a back seat. But honestly, try to keep it up. It is healthy for your nails and really helps when it comes to your overlay application.

Nail Tools

During lockdown, you have the time to fiddle around and keep those nails looking great.

In today’s blog, I will explain how to do a simple “at home” removal of your product. As well as advice on general tips to keep those nails healthy. You going to need to gather a couple of goodies for this:

  • Cotton pads, squares or wool
  • Tinfoil cut into squares
  • Acetone
  • Buff or grit file
  • Nail tool (metal, wood or plastic, whichever you have at home)

Once you have gathered all your things and have placed yourself somewhere comfy, you are ready to begin. Make sure you have a nice flat surface to work on. I usually work on a towel and a paper towel laid over the flat surface to keep the area clean. The removal process might take you a bit longer than your usual nail tech appointment, but once again this is just an “at home” tutorial to help you during the lockdown. 

1 • Grab your buff or file and lightly buff away the shine on the surface of your nail. You want to remove the shiny topcoat and open the surface up so that the acetone can work through the layers.

Beauty By K

2 • Break a little piece of cotton wool off and soak it in acetone and place on your buffed or filed nail. 

Beauty By K

3 • Take a piece of tin foil and cover the end of your finger. You will only need a little square and give it about 10min to soak.

Beauty By K

4 • Once that is all done, work finger by finger. With your tool and some cuticle oil or mineral dose, lightly scrape the lifted product off the surface. PLEASE DO THIS LIGHTLY! You do not want to damage your natural nail surface.

Beauty By K

5 • After everything is removed, buff the surface lightly. Cut and/or file your nails to length, then apply some cuticle oil or mineral dose and clean up those cuticles. Feel free to wash your hands afterwards to get all excess product and bits off. I always like to reapply some mineral dose and use some hand cream.

Beauty By K

Super easy and quite simple. 

Hopefully, this helps you out during the lockdown phase.  

Till next time, Beauty By K xoxo

Krissy - Beauty by K
My name is Kristen Sterrenberg and I am the owner and face behind Beauty By K. Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a trained and qualified Bio Sculpture Nail technician, Professional Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist. I offer mobile and salon-based services, based in the Southern Peninsula, Capri. I have been in the Beauty Industry since 2016 and I am constantly finding ways to grow and further my business. Being immersed in the beauty industry has always been a dream of mine. It's my passion and I can describe myself as a creative soul. Through my work, I get to show that.