Thrifting With Blue Mango’s Jessica Solomon

Blue Mango Thrift

We had a catch up with Jess from Blue Mango Thrift to find out what it takes to be in the ever-growing thrifting industry. Jess points out how she chooses pieces for her store and customers as well as how she has gained such awe-inspiring success in a short amount of time…

How did you get into thrifting and what made you start Blue Mango?

I’ve always found it exciting to go thrift shopping. Just the element of surprise, and knowing that you can potentially own a truly unique, one-of-a-kind garment is quite thrilling. I also like the idea that one isn’t buying into fast fashion and is choosing to shop sustainably. Did you know that it takes approximately 6800 litres of water to produce 1 pair of jeans? And did you know that each year people consume over 80 billion items of clothing? So yes, thinking about ones carbon footprint comes into play when choosing slow fashion. In non-COVID times I am actually a travel consultant, and travel is a major passion of mine, however, it has been extremely slow so I needed to generate a second stream of income, and I’m having such fun doing so.

How do you decide what pieces to buy and which will be a good fit for your company and followers?

I have decided to keep my account as curated as possible. When I go source the clothes, I pay close attention to the quality of the garments, the fabrics used and that everything is intact. I often will run polls on my account asking what people would like to see more of. I can get a good gauge of what’s lacking and what I need to find more of this way. There are trends that seem to sweep the pre-loved market and I keep a close eye out for those as well (corduroy, golfers, mom jeans etc). 

You gained a lot of followers in a short amount of time on your socials – to what do you attribute your success?

I feel that it is so important to be interactive with your followers. I have tried to post as much as possible without overcrowding my feed. I also give my followers feedback constantly and providing the best service that I am able to. Promoting posts to a specific targeted market that I created has also proved extremely successful. A giveaway is also a fantastic way to create a hype surrounding your brand and getting people to interact with you and your account. But also, play, and have fun!

Thanks Jess! Check out her account Blue Mango Thrift on Instagram below ↯

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