Review: Bree Probiotics Skincare – The Vegan-Friendly Haircare Range You Never Knew You Needed 

Bree Probiotics - HEYBOO

I never thought I would use shampoo and conditioner bars but thanks to probiotic skincare brand Bree. The term probiotic skincare is a term that new but it’s has a high potential to change the skincare game. At Bree, the brand uses probiotic skincare in their products which provides protection and maintains healthy skin. 

Besides skincare products, Bree creates hair care products too. I tested out the shampoo and conditioner bar and here are my final thoughts on the products.

The Probiotic Shampoo Bar 

My first wash with the shampoo bar was different from using a regular bottle of shampoo. The lightweight bar is liquid free and the size is perfect for your packing it in your bag for your vacation. 

My hair was left feeling smooth, light, and silky after the first wash. Having curly hair I wasn’t sure if the shampoo would provide any results but my curls felt and looked more defined. 

The shampoo is formulated to ensure that your hair maintains a healthy PH level to prevent dryness, knots, tangled, and damage. The bar soap has sulphate-free ingredients which help scalp irritation and itchiness. These are just a few benefits of using a sulphate-free shampoo. 

The shampoo bar has been formulated specifically for your hair and as such maintains a PH level that is effective for hair care without drying, tangling, or damaging your hair.

The vegan and cruelty-free shampoo bar is estimated to provide 60 -80 washes with a guarantee of 50 million probiotics per ml of product. 

Bree Probiotics - HEYBOO
Bree Probiotics

The Jojoba Conditioner Bar 

Similarily to the shampoo bar, the conditioner bar also has sulphate-free ingredients. The bar contains oils which are nourished and moisturised your hair. Even though the conditioner has oil it doesn’t leave your hair feeling oily or create build-up. 

The product comes with a bar dish which you can use to place the soap into dry, this result in the bar lasting longer. 

Both the haircare products are easy to use and using them together will leave your hair feeling smooth and healthy. 

The haircare bars are available on their website alongside their probiotic skincare range. 

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