Behind The Scenes With Cassidy Nicholson


Famous on TikTok for playing a multitude of characters, “Constantia Mom” being one of them, Cassidy Nicholson is a Cape Town-based actress, who has worked on many international series/films, such as Warrior, Clan of the Cave Bear, Action Point and Maze Runner.

Working in the industry for almost a decade, alongside the likes of Ron Howard, Steve Beers, Linda Woolverton and many more household names. Cassidy is also a qualified screenwriter and director and utilises those skills across all her platforms. Her authenticity, bubbly-personality and sense of humour are palpable and make her impossible to miss!

Tell us more about who you are and how you got into acting?

I got into acting when I was around 8 years old… But I knew I wanted to be in the spotlight way before then. It all started when I used to create skits and choreograph dances in my spare time and then I would force my family to watch me, but bless I still made them pay. Years went by and eventually, my parents enrolled me into activities where my energy could utilise so I wouldn’t exhaust my parents, come home time. That was where I got scouted by SABC3 to be one of the kids on a game show called SmallTalk. Thereafter, I always threw myself into the school productions it even went as far as me making my Cinema Club in matric. 

What is a typical day life for you as an actress?

A typical day in my life goes as follows…

  • Wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 depending and go through the day’s plans and emails.
  • Have a coffee while drafting script concepts (whether it be for TikTok, YouTube, or Insta)
  • After about an hour of that admin, I’ll pump the tunes and hype myself to go on a run or do an hour workout
  • When the workout is done and I’m all freshened up, I’ll make myself some breakfast.
  • I’ll do my hair and makeup and start doing shoot prep (creating content for Insta)
  • Once I get the desired picture I will start creating that day’s TikToks
  • Then I will have dinner around 17:00/18:00 ( I know, early)
  • Then I will finish with admin, and plan for the next day

Which element of your career do you most enjoy?

Finding inspiration, conceptualising ideas, creating content and prepping for acting roles (accent training, writing scripts)

Cassidy Nicholson HEYBOO

You have a huge following on social media, especially TikTok; to what do you attribute your success?

Working in film I have learnt that one’s biggest asset is authenticity. So I have made a concerted effort to leaving my ego at the door and just having fun… I think that is what really comes through in my videos and that I always laugh at myself and don’t take myself too seriously.

How do you come up with your hilarious skits?

Ohhhhhhh… I people watch big time… Like a creep. HAHAHAHA, if you see me in public with sunnies on you should be scared. 

Have any advice for aspiring actresses or influencers out there?

I’m learning to love this question. 

  • Enjoy the journey
  • Remember why you started
  • Always know what your passion is and work at it because then your ‘work’ never feels like ‘work’ 
  • Invest in yourself! (Always being the best version of yourself, loving yourself, enjoying yourself and most importantly stay true to yourself) because if you can’t, how do you expect anyone else to? 

Thank you Cassidy! Check our Cassidy’s TikTok here and Instagram below ❤︎

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