Chandre Goosen Aka Lady G – The Lady With Glam, Glow And Guts

She’s a Mrs SA Top 50 Semi-Finalist and Business-Woman from Cape Town, but her proudest title is that of Mother and Wife.

Chandre Goosen, aka Lady G, is a lover of all things fashion and fast cars and is hoping to inspire women around South Africa as she shares her personal history of bullying and overcoming some of her greatest fears.

She is strength personified, and recently sat down with HEYBOO in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

For all our readers, who is Chandre Goosen?

Chandre Goosen Joubert is a mom, a gutsy rebel fast car racer, and also, a retro fashion designer. She is a jet-setter, and is absolutely fearless of any situation whatsoever. She is also an entrepreneur and a CEO of 3 businesses, and a pageant judge.

You recently made the Top 50 selection for Mrs South Africa. What are your hopes going forward in the competition? 

It was somewhat nerve-racking having to go into virtual judging for the Top 50 not knowing what to expect… As a little girl I was bullied and often called “the ugly duckling” which really took a toll on my self-confidence, so going into this journey it was important for me to empower other women and be able to tell them my story, and then of course aim is to have the title of Mrs South Africa 2020 which would aid me in helping more women down the line.

You’re dubbed, “Lady G”, how did this come about?

My surname is Goosen and everyone who knows me knew I would pitch up with music that would often be heard 3 blocks from wherever I came from, and often it was Lady Gaga blasting from the speakers. I wanted to start a career to further my photographic skill, as this was something I was passionate about and felt I had lost out on for so many years, and at that time I was mentored by Christina Storm. By then I selected the perfect trade name called “Lady G” and it became a brand image that has stuck for many years.

What does being a strong woman mean to you?

Being a strong woman means that whatever life throws at you, whether it is good or bad, must be seen as a lesson and not a failure. When life knocks you down, it’s about getting right back up and trying even harder. A strong woman is someone that’s fierce and brave enough to take on any challenge she’s faced with.

You own your own brand label called Chandre & Co. Tell us more about your designs and how your business concept came about?

Whilst I was living in London, I had 3 jobs – I was a waitress at Starbucks Coffee, I worked at Zara & I worked as a laundry manager. Fashion however, was always my passion as still is today. Whilst living in London I wanted to find a way in which fashion could become a more permanent part of my life. I had people tell me that I would never make it, but I was so determined at that stage.

There was one night in particular that I will never forget – 17 August 2017. It was one of those nights where I couldn’t sleep, so I started drawing some fashion designs and just never stopped. I emailed the designs to the school of fashion in London the following day and I was then offered a job by them, who later went on to purchase the designs.

It was at that stage that I then started my trademark brand called, “Chandre & Co”, bringing European fashion to South Africa. I was then asked by ZARA UK to display my collection in 2017 and the rest is history. Here I am today with a trademark in SA, EU, USA & the UK. My next project is to do my own cosmetics range.

Where do you draw daily inspiration and support from?

I draw inspiration from magazines, past life experiences and when I travel to see what’s missing in South Africa. I am an early riser who prides herself on getting up bright and early and doing what needs to be done.

What do you want to be remembered for one day?

I want to be remembered as a person that was loving, spontaneous, bubbly and unstoppable – South Africa’s Lady G.

As the mother of twin boys, what are your hopes for them as they grow up in an ever-changing world?

My boys are my porcelain dolls, they will forever be. I would love for them to pursue their dreams, something they find passion in, and something they relate to. What I would ideally want for them is to be happy with their own success.

What can we expect from Chandre going forward? 

I am truly hoping that I accomplish my dream of winning the Mrs SA crown, but further than that, I would also love to become a successful TV or radio Presenter.

Thank you Chandre! Follow her journey below ❤︎

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