Getting Comfy With Co-Lounge Founder Juvelia Mandiena

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When Juvelia of Co-Lounge first reached out to us for an interview, we were so delighted! Then, we learned, that she is running a successful comfy-wear business AND attending business college at the same time – what an inspiration!

So, we had a covid-friendly chat via email and got to know Juvelia a bit better. We found out more about how she manages her time and what she thinks future (or current) entrepreneurs should do to help themselves reach their goals.

Let’s dive in!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came up with the idea of Co-Lounge?

I’m Juvelia Mandiena, I’m 21 years old. I was very much interested in comfortable clothing from the very moment I stepped into varsity and struggled to put outfits together, therefore I was very passionate about sweatpants and hoodies made with soft material to wear anywhere you desired.  The name behind Co-lounge is mainly on comfort, being able to “chill” in the most relaxed way and in soft and comfy clothing. 

You are currently studying as a third-year student at Boston Business College – how do you manage your time effectively as an entrepreneur and student?

I’ve taught myself discipline, especially with school, it hasn’t been easy. I know what my short-term and long-term goals are and  I’m always working to achieve them. I also remember why I’m working on my business now and not after graduating. I try to the best of my ability to manage my time very effectively. 

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Have you faced any pitfalls during your venture? If so, how did you deal with them?

Certainly, especially in the market that I’m in, there’s so much retail competition. I had to find what made my business stand out from my competitors, I thought to myself how hard can this be? All I thought to do was to post the clothing and I’ll get noticed because of the exposure I have on my personal page but that was not the case I had to implement what my degree is teaching me into my business and use my platforms effectively. Now I’m thriving and reaching goals. 

Where can we find and buy your collection? And what is your favourite piece from your range?

I’m  currently working on the website and it should be up and running by the beginning of May. As of now, the business operates through business WhatsApp on 0676360944. My favourite piece from the range is the brown loungewear wear set. 

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs out there?

To utilise the Internet to the best of their abilities because it’s the only platform that will give them exposure.

To never give up. I, more than anyone, know that it’s hard to kick start a business but don’t quit and your biggest supporters will be strangers.

Getting to know Juvelia – Complete the sentence…

  • If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing before starting my business it would be… to work with more influencers. 
  • In the future, I aspire to be… multi-business owner.
  • If I had to choose one person, alive or dead, as my inspiration, it would be… Mihlali Ndamase.
  • My daily mantra is… I’ll achieve great things through small steps.

Thank you Juvelia! Follow her journey below.

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