Meet Model Coach, Businesswoman & Entrepreneur, Gretha Garnett – Your New Mrs. Africa Globe 2022

Gretha Garnett posing for a picture

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Biokinetics Practitioner Gretha Garnett is heading for another big international stage as she showcases another side to her dynamic brand image, set to be a must-watch event.

As the proudly South African representative at the Mrs. Globe pageant, in Palm Springs, California, Gretha has set her sights on the main title with mental health and wellness being at the fore centre of her campaign.

Mrs. Globe 2022 which will take place from 27 May until 5 June 2022, and Gretha has set her sights on the main title, but first and foremost, wants to make South Africa proud as she steps onto the global stage.

Beyond the pageantry world, she has upskilled herself in the digital marketing sphere with 3 diplomas and various certificates and that is when she decided to create Beans & Bubbles, a bespoke digital marketing company. She has discovered what the needs, potential, and possibilities are on social media and the global internet with a linked website and all your social media profiles – especially for healthcare practitioners.

We caught up with Gretha, as she prepares for this exciting role, representing South Africa, and found out more about her journey.

What do you enjoy most about the modelling and pageantry industry?

For me, it is all about the projects and community service that goes with it. I absolutely love helping people and Mrs. Globe gives me a global platform to enhance my voice.

Gretha Garnett Mrs. Africa

As Mrs Africa Globe 2022 – what does a title like this meant to you?

It’s about taking Africa to the world and making a difference on an international stage. 

As the title winner, what does it entail going forward?

I am busy with my “Break the Stigma” campaign which focuses on mental health and suicide prevention and awareness, which I am trying to get into our schools. Thereafter, I am getting ready to go to the USA to represent my country as well as our continent at the Mrs. Globe pageant.

What made you decide to enter this specific contest?

Mrs. Globe is all about women empowerment and about helping women in need, a topic that aligns with my passion for mental health as well as my passion for women supporting women.  I also believe that I need to make my voice heard, not only in our country but globally.

Gretha Garnett Collage

The selection and voting process was carried out over multiple days – tell us more about this?

Yes, there was an SMS voting system over a period of time where people could vote, and it ultimately helped me to win the Face of the Mrs. Africa title. We also took part in the pageant week that took place several days prior to the final event, where we had to perform certain tasks according to a specific theme and we also had to do an in-person interview with a panel of judges. 

We had to submit a video of ourselves, a portfolio and give a short presentation in front of the judges to tell them who we are and what we have done during the months leading up to the pageant.

What important piece of advice/pep-talk do you give yourself before they go out onto the stage?

I just tell myself to go out and have fun. To live in the moment and be the best I can be. And always… Smile!

As you look forward to the big event in the USA, what preparation goes into ensuring you are ready for your big day on stage?

Wow! More than I thought! Firstly, you make sure the long-term preparation like your exercise and diet, starts immediately and you make sure that you work on that, daily.  Then you work on trying to secure sponsorships that will help you in making your journey easier.  Get sponsors that align with your goals and needs and if possible, get financial sponsors as well. Once you have the programme or the details around themes, colours, etc., you then start getting your outfits ready for the event. And as for any kind of traveling goes, you need to prepare and book your visas, flights, and accommodation as soon as you can because once that is finalised, it takes extra pressure off you, and you can focus on all the other small things.

Gretha Garnett Mrs. Africa

How does one select the look and feel, stage-wear, they’re going to wear on the day – is there a criteria or are you free to design and wear what you want?

You get a theme to work with and you get told if it is an evening gown, cocktail wear, etc. Then you can design anything you like that works with your body for that specific guideline. With regards to your national costume, it’s up to you to decide what you want to wear to portray your country/continent.

As a modelling coach and mentor, what winning advice do you take back to your students?

Research and preparation. Make sure to do a lot of research on the competition and all its rules and regulations.  hen you do your research on specific topics you know are your weak points and prepare and practice as often as you can.  But at the end of the day, remember to be YOU.

Why do you believe entering competitions like this is important as a women who wants to use her voice to make a difference in the world?

We as women tend to hide and silence our voices. Once we get married, or once we get children, we think that that is where everything ends and that we should stop working towards bigger goals and dreams. We believe that we are not entitled to put ourselves first and that we are bad mothers if we aspire to make a difference in the world and we think that we should wait until our children leave the house before we can do that and, in the process, we start losing ourselves. I believe the time is now and we should set the example for our children in doing good and in making a difference in our communities and in people’s lives.

Gretha holds such a deep passion for mental health awareness, and she feels it is her responsibility to teach and educate people about suicide.  She believes that we should break the stigma around mental health and start seeing the warning signs in the people around us.  She is set to release her own exciting podcast, focusing on such topics, in the next few weeks.

Another topic that resonates deeply with her is that of “women supporting women”. Her aim is to empower women, to have them believe in themselves, and to stand up for themselves no matter the situation they find themselves in. Women are strong and powerful – “they sometimes need to be gently reminded of this, by a woman who has been through much of the same that they have, I want to show them how to come out on the other side of fear”.

Not, as some may say, ‘just a pretty face, a wife or a mother’, Gretha really does break stereotypes. She, who considers herself “a small-town girl from Polokwane” boasts many hats as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, mother, and wife.

A woman of the future and one to watch! Follow her journey:

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