Inspired By Africa: Charlene Matambo On Her New Body Care Range, Anasa Skin

Anasa Skin

Renew. Energize. Soothe. – A statement from the highly anticipated new product collection from Anasa Skin.

We had a chat with the founder and CEO of Anasa Skin, Charlene Matambo, to find out more about her new body-care range, and what it is like to be an entrepreneur as well as hold a 9-5 job – proving that your aspirations can still be achieved, with a little hustle and inspiration on the side.

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Hi Charlene! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with Anasa Skin? 

Hi Bianca, firstly – thank you for inviting me onto your platform. I appreciate it. I’m Charlene – I’m the founder of Anasa Skin. I grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa when I was 18 for university. I studied science and engineering at UCT so being in the beauty and personal care industry is quite left-field for me, yet fully in line with my passions.

Anasa Skin is a proudly African bath and body care brand. I started the company in 2020, stemming from my passion for two things, namely Africa and natural skincare products. Our product range is inspired by Africa – from the choice of main ingredients to the product names, to the product packaging. I have infused my love for this continent in all aspects of the brand. I really want Anasa Skin to represent the beauty of Africa.

What sets your products apart from the others on offer? 

Our products are made from native African ingredients. What sets us apart is our intentional approach to using natural butters, oils, and mineral salts that have been used over centuries in Africa. Shea butter which is native to West Africa is a global phenomenon in skincare at the moment, yet in Africa, we’ve been using it on our skin for generations. We leverage ancient knowledge and use ingredients that are simple yet effective to nourish and nurture your skin. 

Anasa Skin

What is a day-in-the-life like for a skin care entrepreneur? 

So I actually have a 9 – 5 job that I thoroughly enjoy in the corporate world. I work on Anasa Skin – mainly on weekends or weekdays early mornings / late at night. A typical day involves fulfilling orders, engaging with customers, planning social media and marketing content, admin and logistics, monitoring inventory and engaging with suppliers when necessary etc. I also review and update my strategy document regularly – often the first thing I do is open my ‘big picture document’ before I start my to-do list.

Some weekends all I do is restocking, other weekends all I focus on is creating content. It’s dynamic and that’s what I enjoy about owning a business. Anasa Skin has made me apply every skill I’ve ever learnt and it’s challenged me to grow in all aspects of my being. 

Apart from being a #bossbabe, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I like reading poetry books (Yung Pueblo and Adrian Micheal are my faves at the moment), I like trying new restaurants and if I’m choosing a holiday destination one of the first questions I ask is “how’s the food in your city?”. I like taking walks outdoors, not those I’m tracking my pace type walks – just leisurely breathing in the fresh air and looking at the clouds type walks. I also enjoy hosting board games nights with friends (pre-covid) and baking cakes – I’m a really good baker. Yea when I have time – those are my hobbies.

Where can we find your products and which one is your absolute fave?

You can purchase Anasa Skin products on our online store We deliver anywhere within South Africa, right to your door 🙂 My absolute fav? That’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. I love them all – but my dearest is our Whipped Shea Body Butter. It’s the first product I ever made and it is the reason why Anasa Skin started. 

Anasa Skin

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

I say this often – the victory is in starting. So many people remain in the “aspiring” stage. So my advice would be – don’t just talk about, or dream about it – take action and begin. With whatever resources and knowledge you have available – start.

Getting to know Charlene:

Pizza or pasta? – Pasta
Ideal destination? – Zanzibar
Who inspires you? Currently, it’s female founders. There are so many amazing women who have started successful businesses. I’m reading a book that has a compilation of letters by female founders. Highly inspiring. 
Quote you live by? “Pursue your purpose with intention, joy and gratitude.”

Thank you Charlene! To follow Anasa, check out their Instagram below 🙌

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