Journey With Jess

Journey with Jess

Hey, Boo’s! 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica Solomon and I am a 28-year-old woman from Cape Town.

Since I was a young girl I have had an adventurous spirit. I would love to go on long road trips to Plettenberg Bay with the folks, singing the same song in the car ride the whole way there. Often, I would have a sleepless night the evening before because of the excitement and would be the first one awake and eager to leave in the morning with sandwiches and home-baked cupcakes waiting on the kitchen counter.

Imagine how I must have felt when I was told we were going overseas for the first time! The destination was Portugal. I had butterflies in my tummy every single day leading up to our first big family vacation. It was April – I remember because we were there for my 9th birthday. It set my soul on fire to be in this unfamiliar place, with people who spoke differently and ate strange things and played music on the cobbled pavements. I relished in every moment – Every Pastel De Nata I ate, and every steep incline of Lisboa’s streets that I walked. I even wrote my first travel journal on this trip.

On the other side of that horizon is somewhere else that will set my soul on fire. Somewhere with something new and a different kind of beauty.

Journey With Jess

Still to this day when I gaze across the glimmering ocean, I think – On the other side of that horizon is somewhere else that will set my soul on fire. Somewhere with something new and a different kind of beauty. This is what keeps my wanderlust alive. 

And perhaps this is what nudged me in the direction of my career. I am what is known as a Travel Agent. No, we aren’t dinosaurs, we still exist! I have been working in the travel industry for 7 years now and decided to venture away from the corporate world and open up my own boutique travel agency, Journey With Jess, 2 and a half years ago. And what do I do? Well, I make peoples dreams come true, I reunite families, I ensure business deals go down abroad, I help people ignite that flame inside them that wants to explore, but aren’t quite sure where to start. I also help make sure that you don’t encounter too many bumps in the road and if you do, I’m here to help smooth them out. 

The value of a travel agent is huge. In this current global crisis that we are experiencing, people are realizing this again. A computer can’t help you when you’re stuck overseas with cancelled flights and no human to help sort out the problem that it simply cannot. I could write a book about the sorts of situations that I’ve had to help my clients get in to and out of. There have been many love triangles, breakups, hookups, wallets and passports lost, broken bones, births, deaths, and hangovers following bad decisions. And all of these things have ultimately amounted to unforgettable memories.

They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. By supporting a travel agent, a human being, you’re supporting their livelihoods. Every single thing that you would simply click ‘book’ online, is a small commission for us agents which we value immensely. And we provide you with support, advice, and assistance that you don’t get when you use a computer. 

So I plead with you boo, the next time you want to go anywhere – whether it’s a local staycation or your next bucket list adventure – contact me, a human being, and I will help, support and guide you every step of the way. 

I’ll write again soon, but for now stay home, stay safe, and keep dreaming!


Jess - Journey With Jess
Jessica Solomon is a young and vibrant business owner from Cape Town. She is the founder of Journey With Jess, a travel agency in the heart of the Mother City. Established in December 2017, Journey With Jess is conceptualised with the intent to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise.