Product Review: I Used Lelive’s Product Range And Here Is What Happened

When I first heard that Amanda Du-Pout was launching a vegan, local, cruelty-free and 95% natural skincare range called Lelive I knew I had to try it out. Thanks’ to the marketing team for sending me some complimentary products I was able to do just that. I received two of the Lelive products, the creme de la cream light moisturiser and the Save our skin(sos) peach and aloe aha/bha exfoliator. 

The Creme de la cream African mahogany light moisturizer


When I first started using this product as part of my morning skincare routine, I instantly felt my skin feeling different. The texture of the cream felt light when it squeezed it onto my fingers and rubbed it into my face. The soft and gentle texture of the moisturiser blended easily into my skin and after a few minutes, I could feel it slowly absorbing into my skin leaving my face feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenating. 

Why I love this product 

This everyday moisture consists of natural ingredients such as peptides and African mahogany the two elements leave your skin feeling renewed and firm. The marula and baobab components provide the moisturising effect of the cream and lastly, the vitamin E and rosehip ingredients ensure that your skin stays protected.

All the ingredients have a role to play and when I applied the cream to my skin I could feel and see the magic of this product. In addition to the magical ingredients, one of the other speciality of the creme de la cream by Lelive is that the product and its packing is eco-friendly. It is sulphate, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance and dye-free.

Lastly, it’s versatile, I focused on my dry spots and the product kept my face hydrated all day and it also is a great cream to use before applying make-up. To be honest, I can’t stop raving about this product, I would highly recommend purchasing this moisturiser along with Lelive other products.

Save Our Skin(SOS) Peach +Aloe aha/bha exfoliator 


When this exfoliator was first recommended to me, I was not sure what to expect, but since I started using this gem I have not only felt the difference on my skin but I have seen results. As someone who experiences dark spots and marks due to hormonal acne and imbalance, I needed some rescuing and Save Our Skin by Lelive was my saving grace.

I saw my dark spots fade within a week. It reduces the appearance of dark marks on my face and left me skin feeling and looking healthy. One of the things I noticed was how effective the product worked during and after my menstrual cycle. The aloe + peach infused with lactic acid prevent breakouts and kept my acne at bay. I applied 3-4 drops for 3 days during the first few days and then later started using the exfoliator every night after I did my nighttime skincare cleansing.

This became the best part of my skincare routine as I loved the cool, refreshing, and light sensation the product left on my skin. A month a bit in I have seen less breakout on my chin, forehead and cheek area. The texture and consistency are on point, and it absorbs very quickly. There is a slightly sticky feel once you apply the product but that fades after a few minutes. 

The Packaging 

I briefly mentioned that Lelive prides itself in being eco-friendly, this applies to their packaging as well. They have consciously made an effort to ensure that their buyers can recycle the boxes which I love. The SOS product comes in a small mental bottle and has a serum dropper attached. The product comes out super easy and can easily be stored with your other skincare products. The daily moisturiser comes in a long squeezable tube making it user friendly. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of Lelive products, head to their website. They are currently running a 15-20% sale and recently launched their new range the water capsule.

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Zahirah holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and is an aspiring young lifestyle journalist. She is passionate about female empowerment and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. She can be found writing, meditating, and reading up on the latest trends in her free time.