Mama Bongi – Taking Over The World One Cookie At A Time

Mama Bongi

When we first came across Mama Bongi’s Instagram, we were so inspired by how well she was doing and the support that surrounded her. Obviously, we had to hop on the Mama train and find out more about her business and how she started out.

See what Mama had to say below ❤︎

Mama, what got you into baking chocolate cookies and how did you start your business?

I started by making cookies for my mentor’s clients of her company (Amazing Spaces) which she used to deliver. They loved them so much and started asking if they could buy my cookies. This is how the idea of starting my business was born. My mentor Julia helped me to get started, and she helps me every day. 

Mama Bongi

What is a typical day like for you?

I start my day in the Amazing Spaces office (which is above the kitchen where I bake the cookies) and tidy and make teas and coffees for my gals. Then I spend time during the day baking and checking on the quality of the cookies (if Sylvia is helping me bake then always checking that the cookies look and taste good). I help pack cookies for the orders to go out.

I end the day back in the office upstairs and then retire to my room which is also on the property for a good rest! My best is when people pop in to collect cookies and I hear how much they love them!

If you had to choose, what are your two favourite meals to make from your lessons? 

My spinach and phyllo pasty pie and I love to make stir-fries.

Which element of being a baker do you most enjoy?

My best thing is to see people enjoy my cookies. I also love seeing my cookies sizzling in the oven and how beautiful they look and smell when they come out!

Advice for aspiring bake-trepreneurs?

Do what you love. If you do things with passion, then people will see that and support you.

Thank you Mama! See her Instagram page below ❤︎

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