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All ORGANIC KITCHEN products are certified by ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL, which guarantees natural composition and the absence of SLS, parabens and silicones.

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It’s review time again! I was lucky enough to try out some products from the Organic Shop SA: Organic Kitchen range, and I chose products that I thought would help me significantly with my problem areas; two creams, one face mask, and shampoo and conditioner.

Apart from trying the awesome products, the website was very easy to use (I love a user-friendly platform). Within a few minutes of ordering, I had a confirmation that the products were on their way! Read all about my experience and grab your discount code at the bottom of this post!


  1. Organic Kitchen Hot Off The Press Natural Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. Organic Kitchen Tomato Blush Natural Toning Face Mask
  3. Organic Kitchen Natural Cream For Extremely Dry Skin On Heels And Elbows
  4. Organic Kitchen Pop Art Natural Sculpting & Lifting Body Cream

Organic Kitchen Shampoo & Conditioner

Ok, so, the shampoo and conditioner smell divine, but, I’m a silky-smooth conditioner kinda girl and the product didn’t leave my hair feeling soft after washing. However, the products did leave my hair feeling stronger and definitely lifted my hair from my roots, giving it more volume.

If you don’t mind your brush not easily gliding through your hair after washing, then this product will do wonders for you!


Shampoo – “Organic Mint Extract delicately purifies hair, giving a sensation of freshness while Organic Cucumber Extract excels in hydrating and strengthening it.”

Conditioner – “Organic Mint Extract leaves it feeling fresh, while Organic Cucumber Extract excels in hydrating strengthening it, and lifting hair from the roots.”

Organic Kitchen Face Mask

I love a face mask! This one was super silky and easy to apply. After washing off, my face felt smooth, hydrated, and less oily. I did also feel a bit of a tingle, but that could be my super sensitive skin.

This mask is a must-try if you are needing something simple and easy to use.


Face Mask – “Organic Lime Extract tones and smoothes skin, reigniting its radiance. Organic Tomato Leaf Extract enriches skin with vitamins and evens its tone, giving it a fresh and rested look.”

Organic Kitchen Cream For Heels & Elbows

OMG! This cream is the best cream I have EVER used for my feet. I have bought expensive “wonder” creams before and this product is by far the best I’ve used. Very dry heels are my thing, especially in winter, and let’s just say, my feet are thriving! I didn’t really use the cream for my elbows, but I’m sure it has the same effect.


Cream – “Shea butter deeply repairs skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Organic Rosehip Oil nurtures, tones, and boosts regeneration.”

Organic Kitchen Body Cream

A moisturising cream that hydrates and tones the skin? Score! Although I have yet to see or feel the lifting and toning of the body cream, I can say that it is great for moisturising, and staying that way for hours.

If any changes happen and I become 16 again, I will update you all 😂


Cream – “Organic Geranium Oil lifts, tones, and smoothes skin, giving a natural and healthy glow.”

And there you have it, babes! For 10% off your first purchase, click here and use the code ALOE

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