Rabia Ghoor of Swiitch Beauty – Changing The Beauty Game One Product At A Time

Swiitch Beauty

The super boss babe and most down-to-earth person (have you read some of the content on the Swiitch Beauty website? It’s hilarious) Rabia Ghoor had a chat with us.

From starting out at a young age to running a solid team who “hold sh*t down”, we found out what it’s like to run a beauty empire and more…

Tell us more about yourself and how you came about starting Swiitch Beauty?

I am 20 years old, and Swiitch is a passion project turned full-time hustle that takes up about 85% of my brain capacity. I started the brand in 2014 with the goal in mind to create easy to use products that do what they say they’re going to do, don’t break the bank & also – look cute. The whole thing came about when I realised the lack in the South African internet space for a beauty brand built for the modern-day consumer. Back then the product offering felt outdated & the general marketing/discovery of brands felt kind of underwhelming. I knew we needed to level up, and I wanted to be a part of that.

You left school at a young age to pursue your dreams, was that an easy decision? How did you handle the pressures of running a business so young?

My age at the time of starting my business is often viewed as a disadvantage – I’ve always maintained that it has been my greatest advantage. The younger you are the less concerned you are with societal pressures which are oftentimes the very root of insecurity for adults looking to create/forge a new path. 

Swiitch Beauty

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a beauty mogul?

No, because I am not a beauty mogul, lol. Things have been very, very different with lockdown – but I usually get up quite early and read something. It’s usually the paper or whatever book I’m into at the time. Then I’ll go for a run/to the gym depending on my mood. I’ll come back home and make something to eat. I am almost always late to work these days. But I’ll get in and deal with whatever the day has for me, each one is different which is something I really appreciate because I have the attention span of a goldfish and the mental range of a teaspoon when it comes to repetitive tasks. The variety keeps me on my toes. I’ve also got a solid team – they really hold sh*t down. 

The beauty industry is not an easy one to get into, to what do you credit your success?

It’s a lot harder to when you’re on the outside and trying to go it alone. Make friends .

Swiitch Beauty

Name the 3 must-have beauty products you can’t leave the house without?

Lip balm, I’m currently using one from a Korean brand called “Laneige” – its SO kwaai, and then #BeachBrow of course – making sure your brows look great fixes just about everything, and #BeachBrow is so quick + easy. without a second guess my favourite Swiitch product of all time. And then any kind of skin mist. Skin mists are just – the future. In like 5 seconds your face is dewy, moisturised & instantly plumped. And you don’t need to use your hands so its just so easy & low maintenance. I obvs use the Swiitch #SuperHeroSpray but there’s another local brand called “Kiki Beauty” that has an excellent one, OR if you’re on a budget – some rose water in a spritz bottle does wonders too.

Any advice for aspiring female business owners out there?

Please start. Anywhere. Just start.

Thank you Rabia! To shop the Swiitch Beauty products, see swiitchbeauty.com and follow their Insta below for beauty updates ↯

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