A Chat with Barrett’s Ridge Founder, and Beer Bread Babe, Tayrene

We spoke to Tayrene Barrett from Barrett’s Ridge to pick her brain about some things, as well as give us an insight into her day-to-day, take a look below ↯

Tell us more about Barrett’s Ridge…

Barrett’s Ridge was born out of a love for all things carb. I decided to turn an old family lunch staple into a Proudly South African business with a focus on ethical, local and female lead production. 

A few tweaks to grandma’s recipe and Barrett’s Ridge beer bread was born. Today I have the pleasure of working with equally passionate suppliers, packers, and resellers.  

Why did you decide to start the company?

After years in the fashion industry, I just wanted a change. The Beer Bread is something I have done for years and was always given to family and friends as gifts. With a little convincing and encouragement from my husband, I decided to upgrade the packaging and give it a go as an actual business.

Describe a typical day in the life of a bread mogul?

Mogul… hahaha! 

Coffee… always coffee first. Then a quick browse through emails. Anything urgent is answered and then onto any phone calls that need to be made. I then head off to the packing facility to check on orders or deliver raw materials. Once I’m back at the “office” I sort out admin (more emails, booking couriers, processing orders, invoicing, ordering stock) On the exciting days I get into the kitchen. I love this part of the job!! Recipe development is so much fun for me. Coming up with new flavours and recipe ideas. I then photograph everything (another part of the job I really enjoy) so that I have content for social and newsletters. I generally end the day by making a list of anything that needs to be done the following day.

Believe in your brand and your product. If you don’t, no one else will.

Tayrene Barrett

What are your 2 favourite recipes?

Wow… tough one! 

I would have to say just a straight forward and easy Beer Bread loaf (Chilli & Garlic flavour made with a sweet cider instead of a beer) hot out the oven with tons of butter!

Then I also like to do cheese and corn muffins using the Italian Cheese flavour made with soda water… again with tons of butter!

Have you experienced failures? If so, what did you learn from them?

Yes, many failures. Starting a business does not come with a user manual. Especially in an industry I have never been in before. But, you just have to remember that failures happen and every failure is just a lesson… sometimes the lessons are hard (always have your contracts signed) and sometimes the lessons are easy (don’t make beer bread with Raspberry Sparletta)  You just have to dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

Any advice for aspiring female business owners out there?

Have a plan… from where you see your brand going to how much money you are willing to spend and on what, to how you are going to answer the phone. You need a plan. Know your limits. In the beginning, I tried doing EVERYTHING by myself. Mostly because I didn’t trust anyone else to tough my “baby”. It is impossible and will eventually have you hating your job. Outsource and delegate where you can and focus your attention on the aspects you are good at. Most importantly, believe in your brand and your product. If you don’t, no one else will.

Thanks, Tayrene!

If you would like to buy some delicious Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread, you can find them at Woolworths, Yuppiechef, and more. Check out their Instagram below:

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