The Glow Up Marketing – A Chat With The Social Media Gurus

Glow Up

HEYBOO caught up with the co-owner of The Glow Up Marketing, Kamara, to give us a glimpse into her social media agency and tell us who her muse is and why. See below ↯

Who is Glow Up Marketing?

The Glow Up Marketing is a boutique social media marketing agency owned by myself (Kamara) and my sister (Bianca) we have also just recently taken on two amazing social media interns, who are now part of this small yet mighty team. We offer holistic social media marketing strategies and daily social media management, influencer management, digital advertising (Google, Facebook, and Instagram) and content creation for small businesses. Our core purpose is to turn your passion into profit and make your small business glow and grow!

Why did you decide to enter into the social media industry?

It was an absolute organic transition. I come from a digital marketing background, however, I always felt a disconnect with the companies that I worked for. A corporate marketing environment just wasn’t meant for me. The Glow Up gave me the opportunity to be fully myself as a social media marketer and to be my own boss 😊

Glow Up

What sets you apart from other agencies?

We are hands-on, always on call, and always willing to help; as well as being one of the most affordable agencies there is!

We don’t believe in just being available 9-5 and we try our best to make our clients aware that they can contact us whenever it is convenient for them. This is definitely a plus as when you are running a small business you certainly work at odd times and we totally get that. Also, we are a very nurturing team and believe in not just doing what we need to but we go that extra mile to help guide our clients on anything that can help their business become better in the long run.

With regard to our offering, we offer social media management that truly aligns with the brands we work with and their core values. We dig deep and make sure that we offer a 360-degree holistic approach. We totally get small businesses! We know the issues that you face as a small business, the financial restraints, and everything else that gets thrown at you in between (and you still have to live a happy life, be a mom or dad or sister and take care of yourself). Which is why we help take the social media load off your shoulders.

In short, what sets us apart is our willingness to be more than just your social media management agency. We like to call it business besties!

Who is your social media muse and why?

Anyone who is trying to hustle and turn their social media passions into an actual thriving business – inspires me!

I also love: @thesocialbungalow as she has a really captivating way of making you buy into what she sells. It’s definitely a talent! And @honeyandcocreative for her holistic-minded marketing and branding skills.

Glow Up

What are the advantages of being a social media guru?

• You get to understand people on a deeper level (believe it or not)
• You get to know the social media trends way in advance
• You can offer social media advice to a family or business friend who needs it most
• You get to help people/businesses you are truly passionate about
• You easily become a great storyteller and grammar expert (A little OCD too lol is that good or bad haha) 😊

Any advice for aspiring female business owners out there?

Be true to your passion. Do what makes you happy and what makes you jump out of bed each day.

Find your niche and own it! Be patient, success, or sales does not happen overnight (TRUST ME)!

Be hungry, keep on learning, and wanting to better yourself or your product offering.

Invest in apps/processes that can make running your business easier so that you can FOCUS on what you need to do. Start small and never put too much money into your business too soon. Save + reinvest everything back into growing that brand.

Thank you Glow Up! Check out their Instagram below!

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