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Sharné Calista Gous is a 28-year-old legal professional from Cape Town, who founded The Law Box; an “Online legal consulting platform providing quick, reliable and affordable feedback on your legal queries.”

Gous has been practising law for a decade this year and gives us an inside look at her life running her own consulting firm, modelling, filmmaking, and much more… including what makes her “tick in the legal sphere.”

Who is Sharné Gous? What are your passions and purpose, and why did you get into law?

I’ve always known that I love the law, but I’ve also always known that my purpose extends far beyond that. I’m someone who finds purpose and fulfilment in a few things. 

I’m deeply drawn to matters of environmental protection and conservation, sustainability, as well as animal rights and protection. For this reason, I completed my Master’s Degree in Environmental Law. On the other hand, I love modelling and filmmaking. I’ve tried acting in various pursuits and still do part-time modelling when I can. I do however plan on making a bold move involving New York to pursue filmmaking/acting in the near future. 

To integrate the above, everything I’ve worked toward has led me to the same point – entrepreneurship. Which in essence is manifesting ideas. A desire to establish, administer and succeed in something that will live on far beyond me. It’s as if the universe confirmed to me over and over again that I was supposed to construct my own path. So, The Law Box was born and the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. I’ve since partnered with multiple companies and in the process of registering many more. Through making a bold move and starting something from scratch, connections and partnerships I could have never dreamed were made. The Law Box also has a radio show on Perron FM, where we discuss legal matters. This airs every Thursday morning, with a few more collaborations underway. That being said, I’ve also been in Business School for two years running expanding my knowledge as far and wide as possible. 

I’m an old soul, old Hollywood glam and chivalry if you will. I’m open-minded, social and outgoing but I also live for intimate, no-fuss moments at home, with friends, family and pets. I’m planning to travel more in the coming years. Explore the world, meet new people and experience other cultures. I’m also a qualified Equestrian and represented our country in the USA in my younger days. I’m loyal, honest, strong-willed and committed. I’m also of firm belief that consistency is a mandatory commodity. I’m a woman of faith and set on the fact that success will come, but staying grounded through faith, grace and gratitude will ultimately define success. 

What is a day like in the legal world? 

A day in the legal world is never dull. You’re presented with something new, daily. Whether it be a new perspective, new laws or a presentation of facts you’ve never encountered before. Law is ever-changing and ever-evolving, just as we should be. It’s challenging, cutthroat and according to me the most beautiful profession of all. It’s elegant and brutal at the same time. Essential yet luxurious, all folded into one. It’s a long and hard road to reach the point of confidence and finding what makes you tick within the legal sphere.

Choosing law and studying law for many years, transforms and develops your mind in such a magnificent way, that even if you never pursue a legal career it will greatly contribute to all areas of your life, especially in business. 

What types of services do you offer and which one are you most passionate about? 

I recognised a need that was uncatered for during Covid and decided to apply an innovative approach to one of the oldest professions in history, which was to combine law with online shopping.

The Law Box is an online legal consulting platform, providing our clients with quick and affordable legal answers to their legal questions. If there is one thing we all engaged in during Covid, it’s shopping online. 

We currently have 28 different offerings varying from Discrimination, to Criminal Law to Domestic Violence. So, with an easy click, you can get clarity on any legal matter within the comfort of your own home.

The Law Box has also partnered with the #1 Provider of Wills and Estates in South Africa, which we are very proud of. That being said, making the loss of a loved one easier and helping South Africans leave a legacy by drafting their Wills, whilst at the same time educating them about the dangers and costs of not having a Will. This is currently, closest to my heart.

We want to change the false perception, that only the rich need Wills. Everyone can leave a legacy and we’re on a mission to help with that. 

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What are some of the struggles and successes you have experienced in your industry? 

South Africa has one of the best-written Constitutions in the world and we have the potential to excel at a global standard in law as in all other industries of this country. However, as we are all aware, corruption combined with powerful positions being filled with unqualified individuals has greatly affected the entire industry.

The order, ethics and respect for the profession has disintegrated. Negligence with regards to reporting, investigating and total incompetence leads to a reality of people literally getting away with murder. 

Another major contributor, to what made my journey challenging is the fact that employment has never been as hard to come by. South Africa’s unemployment rate has never been this high and what many won’t believe is that it’s no different for highly qualified professionals. Throwing the effects of Covid into that equation makes it all nearly impossible.

On a positive note, networking, collaborating and connecting with like-minded legal individuals that are on an honest and just pursuit for a better South Africa is a contentment that is unmatched. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring legal professionals? 

Don’t forget why you chose law in the first place. Don’t forget the years of blood, sweat and tears you ploughed through when it gets hard in the real world. And if your original plans don’t work out; lay out a new foundation and build your own way forward, your options are unlimited. One of the many reasons why this is a wonderful career choice. There is a reason for that fire in your heart, it’s a rare gift – so keep it lit. 

Getting to know Sharné: 

  • If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing before starting my career, it would be… The setbacks are inevitable but so is the success. Stop at nothing. 
  • If I had to choose one person, alive or dead, as my inspiration, it would be…My Mom. She’s a real-life superwoman. A true force to not even be reckoned with. She has 30 years of experience in law, of which includes 16 years on the bench, as a Regional Court Magistrate. She’s extremely resilient, does not miss a single detail, is always 10 steps ahead and an absolutely brilliant businesswoman. Whilst at the same time being the most magnificent mother, mentor and best friend I could ever ask for. She has an aura that inspires me daily and if I could have just a minor section of her legal mind, I’d consider myself a genius. 
  • My daily mantra is… Gratitude is the great multiplier. What you’re grateful for will multiply. 

Thanks, Sharne! Follow her journey below 👇

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