Ukama Community Foundation – Uplifting And Brightening The Lives Of Township Kids


*SUPERWOMAN interview below* – Janine of Ukama Community Foundation had a chat with us about running her organisation, why she started, empowering the communities, and how/where you can donate to this amazing cause…

Tell us more about Ukama and why you decided to start a community foundation?

Ukama Community Foundation was started in 2014 when we noticed that children in informal creches in our area were not getting fed during the day. We started supplying sandwiches to 40 children per day in 2014 and had reached a stage of supplying 400 children with 2 cooked meals by the time COVID hit this year.

With the onset of COVID we changed focus to getting as much food as possible to community kitchens (some in the previous creches now closed) we were supplying to cook for their communities daily. Throughout lockdown, we have supplied between 8000 and 13 000 meals per week in the areas of Capricorn/ Vrygrond, Ocean View and Masiphumelele. We are still continuing to supply Soup Kitchens as the economic crisis continues. 


What is your best example of the way you’ve seen your organisation’s work make a difference?

In the creches where children were receiving proper nourishment, there was a remarkable change in the children, their health improved and their ability to learn, their energy levels and their overall happiness. This visible change was amazing to see! 

What sets you apart from other organisations in your community? From other organisations with similar missions?

Ukama works WITH the community and in the community. Community leaders run their own soup kitchens and ECD centres and we assist with the supply of food, electricity, gas and other basic needs. Community leaders know what is needed in their own communities, know the types of foods that are eaten by their communities and know who needs the most urgent help and assistance. The community leaders do all the cooking and handing out of food themselves completely voluntarily….we call them the Ukama Soup-er Heroes!


How can one donate to the foundation or help in any way?

Each month we need vast amounts of non-perishable foods, vegetables, bread, toiletries, sanitisers, masks, kitchen utensils and money for transport and gas/ electricity. All donations of foods are HUGELY welcome. Our bank details for donations is below:

Ukama Community Foundation
Branch 200 409
Account Number 62559210283

Thank you Janine! Please check out their socials below and donate if you can 🌸

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