Product Review: Vegan and Natural Skin Care Brand, Kudu Cosmetica

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I was over the moon when I received my first PR package from Kudu Cosmetica. The reason why I decided to collaborate with the skincare brand is because of its core values. The brand is all about sourcing responsibly, ethnically and sustainably. That’s just a few amazing elements of the brand. The Kudu brand is consciously aware of the environment and is dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients that are not only good for our skin but the environment too. 

The South African skincare brand offers a wide variety of skincare products that are cruelty-free and has natural ingredients in all the products. The brands’ name is inspired by the antelope, which is known to be a gentle, kind creature that’s part of mother nature. The inspiration behind the name is practised throughout the values and missions of the brand. 

Kudu offers products for all skin types. I got the privileged of testing 5 products from their skincare range. I used the products each morning and night for over a month and I have been able to see and feel how the products work on my skin. To find out more about how these products worked on my skin read more below. 

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The Packaging 

When I received my delivery, I was pleased to see that the products were placed in recyclable packaging. All the products were sealed in a big box and were placed separately in a small grey coloured thin box. All 5 products I received and the applications were stored in a dropper bottle. I like the design of the packaging. Not only is it easy to store away but each time I applied the product to my face the dropper made things easy and convenient. 

Serum: Bio-Active Hydration 

This 30ml serum consists of 20 different natural and gentle ingredients such as potent organic plant oils and botanical extracts. In addition, the serum is infused with omegas, minerals and antioxidants to nourish, replenish and protect the skin. One of the first things I noticed when I applied this product to my skin was how nourishing and hydrating it felt on my face. I applied this serum every morning before my moisturise and only needed to use 2-3 drops. The applicator worked wonders, it provided me with the right amount of serum each time I squeezed it out. Another worthy note was that even though the serum had traces of plant oils my face did not feel oily or sticky after applying it to my face. The 2-3 drops were able to cover my entire face and my neck area. After each time I used the product I loved how soft my skin felt and the radiant glow from the ingredients. 

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Pure Cold Pressed Oil 

The three pure cold-press oil product range all consists of unique oils that are blended for their protective, regenerative and therapeutic properties. I had the opportunity to try all three of the products which are all free from synthetic fertilizers. 

Marula Oil : Huile De Marula 

When I first did my research on this product I was surprised to learn that using the Marula oil can be used as a Make-Up primer. In addition to using the product as a primer, I applied the oil on my skin at night. The texture of the oil was soft and it had a natural smell. It easily absorbed into my skin and made my skin feel less dry. The oil has a lightweight feel which I love about the product. The benefit of Marula Oil is that it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. I saw how the oil made my skin feel moisturised and less dry. The product has traces of antioxidants which is beneficial to the skin as it brightens skin and reduces sun damage. 

Rosehip Oil 

I have read a lot about the benefits of Rosehip oil from experts and when I saw that I received this oil I was excited to see what the hype was all about. Rosehip oil has serval benefits which include keeping your skin hydrated, helping exfoliate, boosting collagen formation and reducing inflammation. I applied the rose-hope oil every 2-3 days and I felt the difference, it reduces inflammation and with the combination of all the other products my skin had an extra boost of protection and balanced out my skin tone. What makes Kudu’s Rosehip different is that the seeds are harvested from rose bushes that are grown in Lesotho by the women in the village communities. In addition, it is a sustainable and ethically source and had unharmful chemicals. 

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Moringa Oil 

This rejuvenating face oil is fragrance-free, unrefined and preservative-free. I have sensitive skin so using products on my skin that are chemical-free and vegan is important to my skin. I applied the moringa oil every Sunday as part of my self-care routine. The oil consists of moringa seed oil. This product is versatile as I was able to apply it to my skin, hair and nails too. Furthermore, the contains flavonoids, phenols, sterols and three types of vitamin E that feeds the skin. 


The squalane oil also became part of my self-care Sunday routine. This gem made my skin feel super smooth and replenished my skin. As mentioned above, this oil also didn’t make my face feel oily it is greasy free. Thi oil is derived from sustainably grown olives. The squalane is suitable for all skin types and improves texture and skin tone. 

Overall I enjoyed using all the products from Kudu Costemtica. If you looking for vegan-friendly, high quality and all-natural skincare products the Kudu brand has something for everyone. Shop their products via their website 

Zahirah holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and is an aspiring young lifestyle journalist. She is passionate about female empowerment and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. She can be found writing, meditating, and reading up on the latest trends in her free time.