Meet Michelle Royston, Changing The Wonderful World Of Waxing As We Know It


Regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or even a seasoned client, when it comes to waxing, you’re guaranteed to have some questions. If you’ve never had your hair stripped from your body, you’re bound to be equal parts curious and cautious about what to expect before booking your first appointment. 

If you’re a waxing regular, you’ve probably heard of the team at WAXIT, who are committed to the silky and the smooth. For the best wax, the team at WAXIT follow three simple steps: Prepare. Process. Pamper.

 At WAXIT, they make sure that before and after your wax, your skin is cleansed, waxed, nourished and soothed. Their WAXITologists® are always available, professional and discreet. Plus, WAXIT offers additional treatments that aren’t available at “multi-functional” salons.

WAXIT have created a place where men and women alike can go to wax it expertly and discreetly, free from the intrusions that come with visiting full-service salons. They only focus on taking you from prickly to polished. 

WAXIT Team member

“The WAXIT team were brought together as a result of the search for the best wax service. We were looking for the perfect combination of high-quality products, quick service, good prices and easy bookings – without waiting over a week for an appointment. We could never find anyone who could accommodate us at the last minute. And when we could find someone who could help, they were often scary strangers in questionable cubicles – where the waxes were of such a low quality that we would leave layers of skin behind. We realised that we had the solution to the problem: And that’s when WAXIT was born!” says owner, Michelle Royston.

After opening their first store in Lonehill in July 2015, Michelle Royston and her team grew the company and its highly recognisable brand image to new heights, with more than 8 stores to date.

“We are masters of sleek and silky, and we focus only on fuzz. No manicures, pedicures or facials, just high-quality waxing. When it comes to our craft, only the best will do. Our master WAXITologists® use our very own exclusive, hypoallergenic wax – designed and manufactured locally,” says owner, Michelle Royston. “We are proudly South African – so any way we can throw our support behind local businesses, we will. We set out to develop our own wax so that we could continue to bring affordable waxing to our clients, we also wanted to ensure that our clients walk out feeling super smooth and without having any reactions to waxing,” says Michelle.

WAXIT Office

Want to take your love of waxing to a whole new level? Why not invest in it? A unique smooth business opportunity is now available. Their spirit of perfection continues and will be carried over into the WAXIT franchise offer. This is an exciting opportunity to become a franchisee in your community with the support of an experienced and committed franchisor. At WAXIT, their franchise opportunities are designed to have you open, trained and running from 45-60 days of signing the agreements. From comprehensive training to ongoing mentorship, marketing strategies and products, we give you all the tools you need to run and grow your own hair removal franchise.

“We currently have 8 WAXIT stores in South Africa. 7 are located in Gauteng, and we have our flagship KZN store in Ballito. We are constantly expanding and we are expecting to open more WAXIT locations next year nationwide (including Cape Town). WAXIT is well recognised and reputable, and we have invested in the creation of a brand that has scope for nationwide expansion. We cater for women, men and young adults; and our pricing is competitive which makes it accessible to a broad market base. One of our core values is success for all, so we want to ensure that all of our franchisees succeed and grow. We offer continuous comprehensive support every step of the way. From initial site selection to construction build-out, to daily operations, we’re here to answer your questions and give advice based on our proven business strategies. We believe in a hands-on approach from our franchisees for the best success. As a Franchisee of Smooth, you will receive a “business in a box” with all the tools you need to be up and running in a way that’s methodical and proven (and fun). The WAXIT franchise has an estimated set-up cost of R1.2 Million. There is also a joining fee of R130 000 to be part of the WAXIT Franchise,” Michelle adds.

WAXIT Team and products

WAXIT is well recognised and reputable, and they have invested in the creation of a brand that has scope for nationwide expansion. They cater for women, men and young adults; and their pricing is competitive which makes it accessible to a broad market base.

“In this day and age, it’s more than just women that wax. Teens are starting their waxing journey at a very young age – some are starting puberty earlier while others want more self-confidence. For them, it’s about hygiene, and building their self-confidence. Men on the other hand have been manscaping for some time – some turn to bad hair removal products while others are consistently shaving their chests and backs while dealing with ingrown hairs. We want them to know that Men Wax Too – and we are very discrete and professional about it,” says Michelle.

At WAXIT, they are committed to cleanliness, which is why they deliver their services in an environment that is clean and professional and sets the standard for hygiene, sanitation and wax care. They don’t reuse sheets, and gloves are mandatory for their WAXITologists®. 

WAXIT Offices

“We sanitise our rooms between each appointment and we’ll provide you with fresh wipes for your comfort,” adds Michelle.

Worried about privacy? Don’t be! Their WAXITologists® are there to make your experience as comfortable as possible. They’ll lend you their ears if you would like to chat, but if you would like to relax, their rooms are equipped with music to help you relax. 

Whether it’s low-rise jeans, itsy bitsy bikinis or button-downs, WAXIT makes sure you achieve your best look – smooth.

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