Getting To Know Rochele – The Artist Behind Weskus Crafts

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Who doesn’t love a great piece of decor for their home? Well, Weskus Crafts might just have that handcrafted and sustainably-sourced item you have been looking for!

Rochele, who also goes by Shell, is the owner and designer behind the stunning creations at Weskus Crafts, and we just had to know more about her business and her journey thus far.

“All artworks are made from sustainably foraged materials on the West Coast shorelines of South Africa, making each piece inherently unique with its own story to tell.” – Sounds interesting, right? We have the low-down from Shell herself on her products, and she also lets us in on what it is like to run her own company – let’s dive in…

Who is the woman behind Weskus Crafts and why did you start this venture?

Just a salty soul, born and raised by the ocean to an artistic family that, for generations has loved working with their hands. I studied art and design after school and proceeded to design within the retail industry.

Just before hitting the point of burnout in my previous job and Covid hit, I started creating with organic materials as a means of artistic therapy. It was a mental saving grace! I initially started making a few pieces as Christmas gifts and after much support eventually took the plunge and developed Weskus Crafts from there.

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You offer some very unique pieces, what is your inspiration behind each item?

Thank you! : ) The materials I find or rather that nature provides really inspire each piece. If I stumble upon beautiful driftwood you know that next piece is going to be a driftwood feature. I also really enjoy working with my clients and the space they are looking to decorate really plays a big role and that is super fun and inspiring to me!

What is your favourite and least desirable thing about running your own business?

Favourite thing: Definitely, dancing to my own rhythm! :)))

Least desirable: One needs to be in a good head space to create beautifully, so the struggle can be real when you are needing to produce when you might not necessarily be there, or forcing yourself to take a break for that reason, and sucking up whatever comes with that.

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Where can one find your products and which one is your absolute must-have?

All my works are finely handcrafted from sustainably foraged finds, therefore I prefer to make to order. You can view my products on my website or my Instagram @weskuscrafts and you can order by simply popping me a DM or WhatsApp via either of those channels.

I have a connection with each of my pieces but if I could only pick one and I had a large space to fill it would be my XXL Bespoke COCO

Getting to know Shell:

• If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing before starting my business, it would be… Artists can and deserve to make a living too.

• If I had to choose one person, alive or dead, as my inspiration, it would be… Dolly Parton, she handles situations with such grace!

• When I am not creating, I am… dancing or surfing.

• My daily mantra is… “ There is always an effective way to be” Disclaimer: I DO NOT by any means always get this right but I really love the sentiment. 

Thanks Shell! Go follow her business and journey below ❤︎

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