Wonderbag – Impacting Climate & Women’s Empowerment Simultaneously


Sarah Collins, the founder of Wonderbag, is everything we love to see in a female entrepreneur – a woman inspiring other women 😍 as well as a climate warrior.

We caught up with Sarah to pick her brain about her business, her success, as well as her activism…

Wonderbag is a company you’ve built from the ground up. When did you establish your company and why?

Wonderbag was conceived in 2008. It was initially created out of necessity, due to the advent of load-shedding in South Africa (The continuous shut-down of electrical power for a few hours every day across the country). It allowed women to continue cooking daily meals even with the absence of any power source.

Tell us what is special about your company and products?

From its first appearance has a slow cooker without the need of a power source, the Wonderbag has developed its offering on a number of sustainable platforms, to become a forerunner in reducing deforestation, saving water, helping in the drastic reduction of indoor air pollution, addressing time poverty, reducing the incidence of burns from cooking, and is now regarded as a leader in the reduction of carbon emissions, thereby contributing greatly to the burgeoning world of carbon credits.

What key factor/ insight/ strategy was central to your business’ success, in retrospect?

The women of Africa. Since a young child, I have lived on the farms of Africa brought up under the care of true African women. I have been drawn to the richness and struggle in the lives of these rural women, who continue to persevere through life no matter what the circumstances. They are my inspiration to continue to do what I do.

What is your secret to maintaining a healthy company culture?

We treat everyone as family, and not as just employees. We have created a caring but motivating culture. Each one of us cares for the next. Each member of staff will walk that extra mile when needed without being asked.


Do you have any advice to share with aspiring woman entrepreneurs?

Stay true to your beliefs and dreams. Never surrender – just persevere through the good and bad times. Never give up on your dreams – Never. Dreams are meant to be lived, you just must know when to reach out and seize the moment.

We understand you are also an activist. What are your future dreams/ goals?

Yes, I am an activist. I stand up and represent all the women of the world, to be heard, understood and treated with respect. I dream that one day all women will be valued for the extraordinary roles they play in everyday life, as care-givers, leaders and matriarchs. I wish for justice and equality for all women, no matter what their standing.

Who is the most inspiring woman in your life/ from history?

I am inspired by all women, from every segment of the globe, whether rich or poor, both past and present. Every single woman inspires me and motivates me.

Can you give us any advice on how to balance our work and social lives?

It’s very difficult to balance both work and social lives. Work will always overshadow one’s social life. I do however attempt to stick to a strict regime where I dedicate to myself a few hours every weekend to ‘me’ time. Time to reflect, rewire and relax, even if it’s just for an hour.

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