Our 3 Favourite Work-From-Home Tools

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The year is 2019, and you are still working from your office with a million paid tools at your disposal. Flash forward to 2022, where you find the world (still) in a Covid pandemic and working from the comfort of your home, or, if you dare, travelling and working remotely, with no support from your company or little money to expend on resources.

Working from home is new to most people, and some may find it difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle. But don’t fret. Here are three free tools to make your remote work considerably smoother and your life easier.

Trello – task management

Trello is a game-changer when managing your day-to-day activities. It offers boards where you can assign work ‘cards’, similar to a sticky note, as well as list your to-do work assignments. 

You can also set reminders for time-sensitive tasks and add team members who contribute to the workload. Trello is free and oh-so-simple to use.

Google Drive – sharing and storing

This sharing and storing tool is super helpful, especially in these times of online work. It is also nifty should your laptop or computer suddenly fail. 

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage to start for all your files and documents, with the option of a premium plan if needed. The features come in handy when transferring files with an employer or saving and sharing online work with a team.

Clockify – time management

Just because you work in a remote position does not mean you should be working overtime. Clockify is ideal for managing your time and knowing when to start, and most importantly, stop. 

The forever free app also provides access to reports, expenses, scheduling, and much, much more to make sure you are on track.

With these three tools in your arsenal, you are ready to take on the world of remote work and show your boss who’s boss. Be prepared for acing those projects and managing a spectacular work-life balance.

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