Ladies, The 5 Must-Knows About CBD Products!

fourfive CBD

The use of CBD products has grown increasingly popular over the last few years with many companies having developed their own products. 

But ladies, do we really know enough about CBD to really make an educated purchase? 

fourfivecbd is the brainchild of two professional rugby players, Dominic Day and George Kruis, whose rugby careers brought forth a need for a product which would ultimately help professional athletes and active individuals alike during rest and recovery with a natural alternative, using CBD.

But before you think that these products are specifically designed just for men, think again! Their products are designed to help any individual who wants to maintain an active lifestyle – and yes, this is targeted at the ladies too, with a large portion of active individuals making up the female market. Whether you’re someone that enjoys going for a walk on the beach or someone who enjoys playing a round of tennis with friends but struggling with a bad shoulder, this product is definitely for you. 

Together, Dominic and George believed that through their own personal sporting experiences, they needed to find a trustworthy natural supplement and both felt that CBD was the way to go.  

fourfive CBD

“After going through surgery in the early stages of 2018, we were looking for a more natural alternative to aid with our recovery. After hearing about CBD, we thought we would give it a go, but only being able to find it in vape stores was when we realised there was a need for clean and safe CBD products. So we took matters into our own hands and created a range of products that were safe, and could comply with regulations and ultimately assist with recovery.” they said.

But, do we know enough about CBD and it’s benefits? What does it do? Is there a growing need for these products in South Africa?

“I believe once more research and studies get conducted around CBD and its potential benefits, the world as a whole will see the need for CBD products. There is currently a massive amount of anecdotal evidence and it is great to see more research into CBD. We see it very much like a normal supplement that can be used in a holistic approach to health and wellness.” says fourfivecbd.  

We caught up with the founder of fourfivecbd who highlight 5 important facts about CBD products that all our HEYBOO readers should know:

1. CBD Oil Won’t Get You High

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it cannot get you high. THC is the psychoactive compound that is most commonly known to get you high. Therefore, if your THC content falls within the legal threshold, it will not get you high.

2. CBD Oil from Hemp is Legal

The South African government made CBD oil legal to sell in May 2019. It has also been a permitted substance on professional athlete’s drug tests, listed by WADA and Global Dro, since January 2018.

fourfive CBD

3. CBD Products are not addictive

CBD doesn’t produce an excessive release of dopamine to create addiction. While other cannabinoids like the better-known THC offer psychoactive effects, CBD does not.

4. CBD can be absorbed through the skin

When CBD oil is applied topically, or directly to the skin, it never reaches the bloodstream but can be absorbed through the skin’s surface to interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors.

5. CBD products are lab tested

fourfivecbd don’t just get their CBD oils 3rd party lab tested, they test all of their products in this way. Third party lab testing is the process of getting CBD tested by a company that has no affiliation with the CBD manufacturer. The lab will perform a scientific analysis of the CBD to determine what the products contain, and how much.

The fourfivecbd range, which consists of oils, muscle rubs, and capsules are all easy to use, easy to dose, and easy to take with you even on your busiest days, even when you’re running from meeting to meeting, or heading out to your favourite yoga spot.

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