Jessica Fawn – Tantra Teacher & Women’s Empowerment Coach Extraordinaire

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Jessica Fawn – Wow! What a human 🧡 🙌

We caught up with this extraordinary beauty to chat about her industry, her self-development courses on offer, and what advice she has for the next up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

And as Jessica says so aptly – ‘I know you know that there is more pleasure, power & freedom to be experienced. I am here to guide you there.’

Hi Jessica! Please can you tell us more about yourself and how you came to be in the magical space you are today?

Hello love! It’s so good to chat to you. About me: I’m a Dutch girl, currently living in Cape Town with my South African boyfriend. I’m working as a Tantra teacher & women’s empowerment coach. This journey started with an interest in self-development as a child, which led me to meditation, yoga & finally tantra. After learning about tantra & women’s work I felt I had to share it. It’s too important not to. Now I teach online through courses & workshops. It truly is a magical space.

You offer courses on meditation, feminine sexuality and much more… What other types of courses do you offer and how do they help women become more empowered?

My main goal is to make women realize they are hugely powerful, deeply divine & inherently beautiful. I found, that through tantra & other types of goddess spirituality, we can remember & re-experience this truth. I guide women through tantric practices in my course Sacred Woman and am releasing a course on cyclical living (living aligned with your menstrual/moon cycle) soon. Learning how our body is a reflection of nature is the other pillar of what I do.

What is a typical day like for an entrepreneur such as yourself?

My days start with self-connection practices. I have recently realized how crucial this is to thrive in a sustainable way. After that, I make time to respond to messages, DMs & emails. The rest of the day consists of either prepping for/teaching a class, creating content for a course or working on new concepts.

Jessica Fawn
Jessica Fawn

Where can one find and buy your course material or get in touch with you?

You can find all my information on my website or on my Instagram. I have pre-recorded courses & meditation bundles available that focus on women’s work, stress release & sexual awakening. The course on cyclical living is launching in august! To get in touch with me, you can DM me on Instagram or email me at . I really love to hear from you.

Do you have any advice for the aspiring female entrepreneur out there?

Put yourself first. Your connection with your passion & desire is so important to keep yourself charged. This is your fuel. So prioritize ways in which you can connect with your bigger vision & goal, on a daily or weekly basis. Weekly reviews on Monday morning have been a life-saver for me. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lost otherwise. We have to keep aligning with ourselves. From there we can make moves.

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