Meet Entrepreneur Marli Wilken – Owner Of Vovarova SA!

Vovarova SA

Marli Wilken, a proudly Pretoria resident, has introduced a new brand into the South African market which is sure to get a few people talking.

Say hello to Vovarova SA, “Let’s Go On A Journey”. Each item adds a pop of colour to your outfit and can easily go from ‘stylish and sophisticated’ to ‘cool and casual’.

When it comes to their slogan, Vovarova stays true to their word by taking each client on a journey through colour, through creativity, through adventure and destinations.

Vovarova bags and pouches are ideal for everyday use, from the office, to the gym, stylish bags for school, or even the beach. This is what makes Vovarova stand out from all the rest! With lots of travel essentials like travel wallets, cosmetic pouches, and travel bags, Vovarova is your ideal stylish travel companion.

What makes the fashion industry one you enjoy?

I enjoy that it is ever changing… South Africans love to explore and experiment with colours, patterns and designs which is why this is the perfect brand to introduce to the South African market!

What do you personally love most about Vovarova products?

I love the versatility, not only in design, but also in the different prints and colours. My favourite Vovarova travel item is the Travel Wallet, and a close second, the good and trusty backpack! 

Vovarova SA

What makes these products unique?

The Vovarova products are super-light, the material is washable, and they come with individual pockets, inside clear PVC pockets and zipped compartments. With most bags, they tend to naturally get a little dirty over time, and with the unique design and material of the Vovarova bags, you can pop it right into your washing machine and it will come out looking brand new.

Tell us more about the designs and patterns?

All Vovarova prints are one-off designs, by an international design team, and keeps up with the newest international trends. The Vovarova brand itself is internationally known, having originated in Hong Kong. Vovarova South Africa is the sole importer and distributor of Vovarova products locally, which specialises in graphic printed multi-functional travel and daily bags, as well as accessories.

You run Vovarova as a part-time job – how do you balance work and your personal life?

I think all comes down to prioritising, and being very organised. I have always been a “planner”, so some days just requires more planning than others! 

Vovarova SA

Who would you describe as your primary market?

Anybody of any age loving bright colours, unique designs and something different and fun!

What life lesson have you learnt from being in the fashion industry?

Perseverance, and having people working alongside you who believe in your product and understand its uniqueness is also very important.

What are your hopes for this brand?

I really hope that Vovarova will grow and become synonymous with good quality, fun and versatility.

Vovarova SA

If you could align your brand with any celeb, who would it be and why?

We have had the privilege and opportunity to align with some incredible personalities and sportsmen such as Sasha-Lee Taylor, Nicole Bessick, Justin Geduld, Dillon Smit and Rudy Paige so we consider ourselves super blessed in that regard. We just want our products to reach people who will truly value them and use them continuously.

Thanks Marli! 💖

With an array of travel essentials like travel wallets, cosmetic pouches, and travel bags; Vovarova is definitely something that everyone should add to their “must-haves” – there’s a little something for everyone. Shop now at

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