How Naomi Osaka And Other Female Athletes Alike Are Getting Ahead Of The Recovery Game, With Hyperice

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You’ve seen all your favourite celebrities and sportsmen, from Kylie Jenner to Naomi Osaka, use this device. So what is the hype all about? The Normatec 2.0 Pro gives you the ultimate massage and recovery experience.

Taking the restorative massage experience further, the Normatec 2.0 Pro is a system created with the greatest performance and customization yet. It is a system to help professionals raise their game to new heights. Whether you’re an athlete with recovery in mind or an expecting mother with heavy and tired legs, the Normatec Pro will quickly become your best friend. 

Normatec was invented in 1998 by Dr. Laura Jacobs, a physician who also had a Doctorate in Engineering; who developed this product in response to a desperate need for new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat patients with circulation-related disorders. The product evolved from helping patients with circulatory conditions, to being relied on by over 97% of pro teams in the US, Olympians, and fitness and wellness enthusiasts around the globe.

The ‘Normatec 2.0 Pro Legs’ puts you in control of your session. Pre-programmed and custom modes, each with various adjustable settings, allow you to tailor your massage needs so you can warm up and recover your own way. Backed by Science this device is engineered for the world’s best athletes and active individuals alike. Packed with patented and proven technology, the device is all controlled by a customisable experience in the Hyperice App.

We break down why this product is a must-have…


This product has been seen worldwide, by some of your favourite sportsmen and for all the right reasons. The Normatec 2.0 uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that increases circulation, reduces pain and soreness, and helps you feel refreshed faster. This product has become incredibly popular over the last few months as it can be used in the comfort of your own home, in your own space and at your own time!


The Normatec 2.0 is beneficial as it brings you a therapeutic massage wherever you need it most. It’s quick, easy to use, and you can experience our patented and proven technology that combines superior comfort and design with customised sessions. With Zoneboost Technology, The Normatec Pro provides extra time and pressure in a particular zone – making rest and recovery even more enjoyable.


Comfort is key. We want our customers to feel relaxed and well-fitted when using these products.


The likes of Kylie Jenner has used this device! The Normatec 2.0 can be used by any individual who can benefit from such a product. One can customise each session with 7 intensity levels and give yourself a little extra attention wherever you need it most with ZoneBoost™. Whether it’s stiff legs after a workout, or simply tired heavy legs from a lot of standing, the Normatec legs will help you recover faster, and feel fully revived with its restorative massage.


The full Normatec range focuses not only on legs, but also one’s hips, and arms. The Normatec 2.0 is beneficial to any area where it can treat. Besides quick recovery and a restorative massage, these products promote relaxation, the reduction of stress hormones; increased joint mobility and flexibility and the improved recovery of soft tissue injuries.


Recent independent research studies suggest that Normattec also has deeper physiological benefits, including reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, enhanced clearance of metabolites, expanded range of motion, decreased muscular fatigue following acute exercise, and an increased pressure to pain threshold. These findings, paired with existing data and a rich history of success, strengthen Normatec’s position as an incredible asset for those dealing with circulatory issues as well as anybody looking for a wellness boost for their active lifestyle.

About Hyperice

Hyperice is on a mission to help the world move better. As the global recovery technology leader, specializing in vibration, percussion and thermal technology, Hyperice is used by the most elite athletes, professional sports leagues and teams to optimize player performance. Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how to industries such as fitness, esports, healthcare, massage, and workplace wellness on a global scale.

In March 2020, Hyperice acquired Normatec, innovators of cutting-edge dynamic compression systems, in December 2020 acquired RecoverX, pioneers of intelligent thermal technologies, to deliver next-generation performance and wellness solutions and in July 2021 acquired Core, both an app and a handheld meditation device designed to track heart rate and stress levels.

Hyperice recently announced a list of new investors who make up their strategic investors and quickly follow the company’s entry to mental wellness and evolution into a holistic high-performance wellness brand. These new investments include professional golfer Rory McIlroy; Formula One (F1) driver Daniel Ricciardo; NHL player Connor McDavid; NBA player Klay Thompson and NBA player Jayson Tatum.

Other new athlete-investors include 2x NBA All-Star Jayson Tatum, 2x PGA TOUR Champion Tony Finau, 3x NBA Champion Klay Thompson, NBA Champion Khris Middleton, 6x MLB All-Star Nolan Arenado, MLB All-Star Matt Chapman, 4x MLB All-Star Justin Upton, World Series Champion Dexter Fowler, The Masters Champion Sergio Garcia, Professional BMX Athlete Nigel Sylvester, Master Trainer and Performance Specialist Joe Holder, top gaming personality Nicholas Kolcheff, known as NICKMERCS, and more.

These athletes join Hyperice’s current roster of existing high-performing athlete-investors such as Naomi Osaka, Seth Curry, Anthony Davis, Rickie Fowler, DeAndre Jordan, Jarvis Landry, Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Ja Morant, Chris Paul, Ben Simmons, Kelly Slater, Fernando Tatís Jr, J.J. Watt, Russell Westbrook, and Trae Young.

South Africans can purchase Hyperice products on TakeAlotGear4UEveryShopebucks, and Momentum Multiply.

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