Keeping Up With KELP By Ray – Your New Summer Fave 😍

We caught up with Sam, the founder of KELP by Ray – a stunning (and local!) handbag brand from our beautiful South African shores.

See what Sam had to say below about competitors, a work/life balance, as well as our fav food question: pizza or pasta 😄

Who is KELP By Ray and how did you get started?

KELP by Ray is a local South African brand that sells a range of high-quality trendy cotton bags. I launched the business a week before lockdown hit. The positive is that everyone was on social media and there was a huge drive towards supporting local businesses. KELP is all about slow, sustainable fashion. Our materials are locally sourced and all our bags are individually handmade in Cape Town.

What sets your bags apart from your competitors?

In the fashion industry trends repeat so it’s tricky to stand out from your competitors. I would have to say it’s the voice behind our brand. We are all about encouraging and supporting other small local businesses. In the fashion industry, people learn and grow from one another. Competition is healthy, it forces you to think out the box and better yourself and your brand.

How do you manage a work/life balance being an entrepreneur?

Having a work-life balance as an entrepreneur is always a tricky one. You are constantly juggling a thousand different things at once. I am a strong believer in lists. Otherwise, the same thought will go around and around in my head. My philosophy is to work hard when you need to, but to be conscious to make time to socialise, meditate, exercise or do whatever other activity is needed to have fun, relax and find a balance.

Which bag is your absolute fav from your range and where can we shop it?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one. I may be a bit biased, but I use one of my KELP bags every day. I would have to say my top two at the moment is the Elora and the Selene bag.

You can shop our range on . There is literally a bag for every occasion.

Any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Back yourself and just go for it. My first business venture didn’t go to plan, but it was like a crash course in business and while I was sourcing materials for my previous endeavour, I came across my artisan that makes all our gorgeous bags. I know it sounds cheesy, but life has a plan for you and favours the brave. So believe in yourself and follow your passion.

Quickfire Questions:

  • Pizza or pasta? Pizza
  • Fav place in the world? Perhentian Islands in Malaysia 
  • Rain or sunshine? Sunshine
  • Quote you live by? Stay positive 

Thank you Sam! Follow KELP by Ray below ❤︎

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