Marisa Logan On Founding Stream And Her Own Successes And Struggles

Stream Marisa Logan

Marisa Logan – One powerhouse of a babe! After starting Stream during the first week of lockdown, Marisa shares with us her own grapples and victories, a typical day in the life, and more about her most recent venture: Stream Stories podcast

Tell us more about who you are and what prompted you to create Stream?

Hmm where do I start…so I was born and raised in Cape Town in a very bilingual family. My mom is Italian, my dad (South African) English and my sister and I went to an Afrikaans school. I studied PR at CPUT and started working in the industry at the age of 20. In 2010 I moved to London and continued to work in PR representing global brands such as Universal Pictures, Colgate, Samsung and Ferrero Roche. After two years abroad I moved back to Cape Town and started my first business at the age of 25 with a business partner. Seven years later I sold my PR agency shares and moved to Gauteng which is where I started Stream – from my bedroom, kitchen, living room and stoep, during lockdown 2020.

You chat to individuals about their successes and struggles – what are your own grapples and victories?

Throughout my personal and work life I have had to work at not letting my insecurities hold me back from reaching my potential. Imposter syndrome happens to the best of us and if you had told me at the age of 16 that I would have started 3 businesses and be in the fortunate position I am now, I wouldn’t have believed you! I never envisioned myself starting and running a successful PR agency because I was a terrible writer and couldn’t spell at school. I also struggled with the PR industry from the day I started and often would find myself questioning why I didn’t change professions…

There were a lot of lows in my 13 years in PR and a lot of tears. When I refer to struggles, I am not necessarily only speaking about traumatic or painful experiences, because we have all gone through some level of sadness, but what inspires me is to share the challenges that people have faced and how they have overcome them, subsequently becoming better human beings. We truly can learn so much from one another and more specifically ourselves.

Stream Marisa Logan

You recently launched your podcast, can you tell us more about that?

So the podcast is purely an extension of the Stream Stories which features a series of interviews of people chatting about how they navigated through struggles to reach success. Stream is dedicated to marketing people and brands and showcasing their power which lead to the extension of my brand offering which is teaching SME’s and entrepreneurs how to accelerate their brand awareness through my online courses and one-on-one client consultations. 

What is a typical day like for you?

Honestly, the past 4 months have flown by and I haven’t had a lot of days off. Most mornings start off similar. I begin the day training with my partner and pooch and then locking myself in our home office to try and juggle all the roles of an entrepreneur. Updating content on my website, creating content for my Youtube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page and of course Instagram page, working closely with brands who sponsor/advertise on Stream, while conducting interviews for the podcast and working one-on-one with clients helping them Accelerate Brand Awareness through my consulting sessions. I am also busy doing an international course whilst setting aside time daily to watch various online training videos. I learn something new every day and my job is incredibly fulfilling.

Stream Marisa Logan

SA has been in lockdown for some time now, how has that affected your business?

My business situation is a little different in that I decided to start my company one week into lockdown and because the Stream purpose is to inspire and empower, the impact that the pandemic has had on so many, felt like the right timing to be of service to others. I had to dig deep and find my courage in order to be comfortable with being vulnerable and put myself in front of the camera (I still cringe watching myself!) in order to share stories, but the feedback from the community I have created has been incredibly rewarding and encouraging.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Now is the time to go for it. Work on that side hustle and don’t allow fear of failure to hold you back! I know times are incredibly tough for so many, but if you can see the silver lining, adapt, learn and grow, you truly can succeed. 

Thank you Marisa! ❤︎ Check out the Stream’s Instagram below ↯ 





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