Sayla Dean: Makeup Artist, Content Creator & YouTuber

Sayla Dean

We caught up with makeup artist, content creator, and the ever-so-stylish Sayla Dean, and, I mean, she is GOALS 😍

Sayla gives us a glimpse into her daily life as a content creator, as well as some beauty do’s and don’ts 🙌

Tell us more about who Sayla Dean is, and how you came to be in the beauty industry?

I am a beauty content creator and YouTuber. I started my career in grade 11 and since then I have grown so much and I almost can’t believe how far I’ve come. I was inspired by watching other beauty content creators so I decided to start my own profile!

Life can get pretty crazy being an influencer. Can you describe a typical day in the life of an Instagram guru and makeup artist?

Honestly, first of all, go watch my weekly Vlogs haha self-promo. It’s quite crazy, to be honest, I sometimes can’t even keep up. But it’s always based around content creation or editing content ✨

Sayla Dean

Who is your inspiration, makeup artist or celebrity, and why? 

I am very inspired by a few people! My biggest inspiration is Kim Kardashian. I’ve literally loved her forever. And then someone I recently have become obsessed with is Kane and Pia on YouTube and now I want to become a travel vlogger hahaha

Three best products out there right now that you can’t leave the house without?

  • Clear soap for the brows
  • Essence You Better Work! mascara 
  • Catrice HD liquid foundation 

Which element of your job do you most enjoy? 

I really enjoy interacting with my audience and when I see they are enjoying my content I’m creating! ❤️ 

Sayla Dean

If you could change one thing about the beauty industry, what would it be and why?

If all the drama could just stop within the beauty community! 

What are your 3 beauty do’s and don’ts? Tell us your secrets 😊

  • Do Wear Sunscreen Daily
  • Do drink lots of water 
  • Do exfoliate often and have a good skincare routine!
  • Don’t skip your brows 
  • Don’t ever wear makeup to bed 😫
  • Don’t use dirty makeup brushes 

Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?

Just go for it, and don’t hesitate to do what you love. If it is meant for you it will always work out ❤️

Thanks Sayla! Check out her instagram below ↯

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