Getting To Know Pilot, Model, And Reality Star Christina Carmela

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Christina Carmela is a pilot, model, Instagram boss babe, reality star, and so much more!

This inspiring aviator had a chat with us about becoming a pilot, what it is like in a male-dominated field, and how modelling helped her pay for her tuition.

Edit August 2022 – Christina went on to star in the famous reality show Too Hot To Handle, and made a name for herself! She is definitely going places and her light is shining as bright as ever!

Tell us more about who you are and why you wanted to become a pilot?

My name is Christina Carmela, born & raised in Cape Town but my parents are Italian & Portuguese. I’m a mixed breed & proud of it!

I’ve always had a passion for flying. Since we were young my father would fly us around & it stuck with me. Also, I didn’t want an office job so getting paid to travel sounded like a dream!

We see you are also a model and have an outstanding social media presence; was modelling always part of your plan?

I wasn’t blessed with a wealthy family so modelling was the best way for me to make that money fast, to pay for my tuition. My mother would enter me into many beauty pageants too. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t my dream.

In a male-dominated industry, did you come across any struggles while becoming a pilot?

Plenty. I always say I have to work double as hard for half the credit. It was a lot worse when I started flying over 8 years ago but now it’s better! It’s way more common to have females in the cockpit now. It could be better, of course, that’s why I’m trying to encourage & inspire as many girls & women to get into it.

What does the future hold for Christina?

I have some exciting things coming up! In the next 2 months, my whole world will change. It’s been tough with Covid – loads of pilots losing their jobs, including me. It’s time to rebuild now though! I’m super excited!

Any advice for aspiring female pilots out there?

ANYONE CAN DO IT! Just start now! Be dedicated! It’s not easy but it’s 100 percent worth it. 

Get to know Christina:

Who is your hero? Amal Clooney! Such a power woman!
Pizza or pasta? Don’t make me choose! Love them both equally!
If you could live anywhere, where would it be? MILAN! I asked myself this question a year ago and decided to move there in September. 
Quote you live by? Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.

Thank you, Christina! Follow her journey below ↯

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