The Wealthy Women Collective: The Next Step Forward For Women To Lead In Africa

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On 3 June 2022, three Cape Town-based businesswomen will launch the Johannesburg edition of The Wealthy Women Collective, a movement to chart a new paradigm for women in business and leadership. The programme launch starts with a transformational weekend retreat to support visionary leaders to own their power and redefine wealth on their own terms. Initially launched in Cape Town on 28 January 2022, the co-founders are growing the community by starting up the Johannesburg edition this June.

This event will be co-hosted by Personal Development Expert Ezlyn Olivia Barends, Radical Women’s Empowerment Guide Annette Müller, and Business and Leadership Mentor Alexia Usgaard

The weekend retreat will give women the opportunity to leave their everyday lives behind and focus on creating an intentional, clear roadmap for their future and their next level. Barends, Muller, and Usgaard believe that every woman is wealthy at their core, and with the right tools and guidance, they can fully claim their desire to live a purposeful and prosperous life.

Barends, Muller, and Usgaard will guide the women to break free from the wealth blocks and stories that keep them caught in the trap of self-sabotage and the masculine dominant way of working. They’ll cultivate the confidence to rise and lead in their authentic feminine power through their signature Seven Areas of Wealth Transformational Model. The women will also connect to a community of women who will support their transformation, growth, and long-term vision of success.

WWC CPT Retreat

Ezlyn Olivia Barends will share her wisdom and experience navigating the business world, creating her life of abundance, and catalyse the women to step into their next level. Annette Muller’s wise and rebellious leadership will invite the women to come back home to their bodies, their innate wholeness, and reclaim the parts of themselves that hinder them from claiming the wealth they desire. Alexia Usgaard will inspire and activate the women to step into owning their true potential, unleash their unique gifts on the world, and manifest their big vision of sovereign success.

“We’re at a crossroads in society. The world is begging for more women to lead in their unique way and shine in their authentic feminine power. The time has come to pave a new paradigm of business, leadership, and wealth as women”

say the co-founders.

This retreat is ideal for women who are ready to:

●      Gain clarity on what is sabotaging their success

●      Redefine and reclaim their desire to be a wealthy woman

●      Establish their clear vision and roadmap for success in 2022 and beyond

●      Connect with a community of female leaders paving their own path forward and ready to support one another in up-leveling.

This weekend retreat will take place at Melody Hill in Magaliesberg from Friday 3 June to Sunday 5 June 2022. The programme includes workshops, embodied practices, and interactive discussions to create a unique roadmap to wealth. The retreat will also include gourmet plant-based cuisine, snacks, teas, and herbal infusions to support women’s all-around well-being. 

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