Product Review: Khula Cosmetics Entered The Chat

Khlua Cosmetics products shown on HEYBOO

When I first read Charnelle David’s post on LinkedIn about her entrepreneurial journey behind Khula Cosmetic, I was inspired by her and her partner, Ayanda Ngwenya’s drive and determination for their business so I quickly stalked the brand on social media and pitched my request to collaborate. 

Behind The Brand

Khula Costemtics came to life in March 2021 in a student accommodation kitchen by Charnelle Davids. She spent a year experimenting with ingredients and with lots of patience and hard work Khula Costemtics turned from a dream to a reality. 

The term Khula stems from Zulu and means “to grow” which speaks to the brands’ purpose and value. 

“Our company’s name is a constant reminder to us that there is always room for improvement and growth, to evolve, increase and multiply in all areas of our lives” 

says Charnelle

Besides the inspiration meaning behind Khula, the products also played a role in the name, after receiving praise from customers on how quickly they saw their hair grow. As a result o this, the name Khula become the fitting choice for their business. 

The Products

I was gifted with the full range of hair care products which included, the Moringa Hair Growth Oil, the Vegan Mango Masque, and Hair Tonic. All of the haircare products are vegan-free and contain natural ingredients. Each of which is suitable for 3A 3B 3C 4A 4B 4C hair types. 

Khula Cosmetics mask
Khula Cosmetics

Vegan Mango Masque

Pure, raw, and unrefined. tick, tick, and tick. The vegan mango masque is the superhero hair product that enhances hair growth due to its antioxidants and vitamin A &E. As a result of this amazing formula, I was able to see boring curls become more bouncy and it also created volume. 

Khula Cosmetics oil
Khula Cosmetics

Moringa Hair Growth Oil

I have always been hesitant to use oil-based hair products, but when the moringa hair growth oil entered the chat, things changed. Let’s talk about the smell first, I can’t describe it accurately in words but the oil leaves a fresh, clean, and a bit of a fruit smell. I applied the product onto my hair as an overnight treatment and it left my hair feeling silky soft and shiny the next day. 

Khula Cosmetics hair tonic
Khula Cosmetics

Hair Tonic

The hair tonic helps with hairline repair and hair loss prevention. If you are someone who suffers from hair loss or would love to see your hair grow some inches I would recommend the hair tonic treatment. The product has active plant ingredients such as aloe vera and rosemary and has upgraded from holding a shelf life of 3-6 months to an entire +12 months without losing its properties. okay, girl, we see you. 

I have been using the full range for two months and I love the range. It is tailored to suit all hair types, beside the brand being inclusive, they are also very affordable. Shop the full range via their website.

Zahirah holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and is an aspiring young lifestyle journalist. She is passionate about female empowerment and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. She can be found writing, meditating, and reading up on the latest trends in her free time.