12 Must-Have Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Season

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As well-known Tik Tokker, Lorena Pages once said,” I had so many outfits planned for last year that I couldn’t wear”. Blazers, Vests, Belts and Puffy dresses and tops – All of which had no purpose because let’s be honest, Zoom calls, grocery shopping and coffee dates were always done in sweats and that old coffee stain t-shirt that you know you should have thrown out forever ago. 

Let’s reminisce about 2020 another time, it is a new year which means new fashion trends that are here to spice up your style with some items that you most probably already have in your closet. If not, don’t worry we got you covered with some trendy and affordable looks that will be in style for years to come. 

Slik Mask

  1. Silk Masks

Safety first, Masks have become such “a norm” and they will most probably be apart of our lives for a while. With that said, the fashion streets have made masks fashionable. Black Silk Masks are one of the most trendy masks around, not only do they feel amazing on your face they are also skin-friendly. The silk masks are must-haves as they can go with any outfit even on Pink Wednesdays. 

scarf style 2

2. Head Scarfs 

Adding a vintage piece to your outfit from the ’50s and ’60s is so in this year. Vintage clothing can be costly, but luckily the head scarfs are sleek and budget-friendly. This fashion trend is versatile and comes in various patterns such as bold, floral motifs or block letters. There are endless ways of styling this item with your summer and winter outfit. Check out some of these vintage head scarfs at Lovisa today.

yellow bags

 3. Yellow Bags 

Bags are another classic that every girl can’t have enough of. The runaways and fashion streets are all about yellow bags this season. This effortless trend can be styled with an all-white outfit or denim jeans giving your outfit that extra pop. 


4. Blue Accessories 

It seems that yellow is not the only colour that fashion designers and trend-setters are embracing. Different shades of blues are also a popular colour when it comes to accessories such as hats, bags and jewellery which gives you no excuse not to leave the house without some accessories this year.

Phone pouch

5. Phone Covers 

Yes, you read that right, phone covers. It seems that your mom’s old-school ways of placing her phone around her neck as taken over the fashion runways this year. These cute phone covers are essential as they prevent you from misplacing your phone in the house. The cover comes in all different patterns and can be style either around your neck or waist. 

Trench Coats


6. Trench Coats

Now that we got the accessories out the way, let’s get to the main course of fashion week, the clothes and shoes. According to Vogue, trench coats are no longer basic, its multi-diverse dramatic slits or bright colours makes basic black coats look so old season. Trench coats are one of these last-minute items you throw on that somehow always makes you look like you slaying Riri vibes.

over sized shirt 2

7. Over-sized Shirts

Women have not only taken over the boardrooms and CEO positions, but we have also taken over the men’s clothing departments. When you looking for that perfect XL shirt, the men’s section may have what you been looking for. Oversize shirts are diverse in their own way as they can be styled as a dress with a belt and with some high-raised boots or heels. It is also a classic look with jeans.

puff shirt-1

8. Puff Sleeve Tops & Dresses

This retro look is to die for. The volumized look created on the sleeves is what makes your outfit glamourous. Puff sleeves can be found on blouses, t-shirts and dresses in different fabrics such as cotton and mesh. This fashion trend is dramatic yet so fresh and elegant. 

Kimono over jeans-1

9. Kimono Dresses

This Asian inspired fashion trend as been admired by all. It is not only super comfy and light but its also a modern and luxurious fashion piece that can be styled over a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt. 


10. Corsets

Thanks to Bridgerton, 18-19 century dresses, corsets and hairstyles seem to be what everyone is talking about theses days, especially about the sexy corsets from the series. It seems that corsets may be coming back to life, as online shopping platforms seems to be stocking these sexy pieces that ladies can’t seem to get enough of. 


11. Leather Pants

I am a pants girls, all day every day. I love chinos, high-raised jeans and paper bag pants. It seems that leather is giving denim a run for their many this season. Leather is sexy and fun and who does not want to slay some leather gear? Luckily retail stores offer a variety of different types of leather pants for all shapes and sizes. 


12. Pastels 

If bright clothing is not your thing, Pastels are the perfect solution to problems. It still offers that fresh look, but the colours are more gentle and less in-your-face. Pastel pants, suits and trench coats are the most popular looks in summer. It also complements different skin tones. 

Go get your fashion on, babes!

Zahirah holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and is an aspiring young lifestyle journalist. She is passionate about female empowerment and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. She can be found writing, meditating, and reading up on the latest trends in her free time.