Chandre Goosen-Joubert Gives Back To Charity, With A Night Of Glitz And Glam – An ‘African Soiree’ Under The Stars!

Chandre Goosen-Joubert

It was an evening filled with glitz and glam… an “African Soiree” that celebrated South Africa’s rich cultural diversity, showcased local brands, displayed home-grown talent, and recognised a Mrs South African role model, but more importantly, it raised funds for a cause that does more than just put a smile on the faces of those in need. This incredible event took place at the unique and culturally rich Radisson Red hotel found at the V&A Waterfront on Thursday, 25th of February 2021.

Chandre Goosen-Joubert, aka Lady G, is a true Capetonian at heart who is passionate about Women Empowerment and standing up for those who don’t have the platform or means to do so. She describes Women Empowerment as having “a purpose” and her goal of being a role model to the women and children in South Africa.

Chandre is currently one of 25 women competing for the title of Mrs South Africa 2021, and hoping to become the first winner to represent the Western Cape!

Throughout her Mrs South Africa journey, she has aided and supported the Women4Women foundation, a charity proudly endorsed and supported by the Mrs South Africa organisation, and took matters into her own hands when throwing her own charity event with all proceeds going towards the deserving charity.

Chandre Goosen-Joubert

Beyond the pageantry world, Chandre boasts a big passion for fashion, accessories, cars and radio, and hopes to one day add “TV presenter & MC” to her already impressive resume. She is a mom, businesswoman, model, designer and entrepreneur! It was a no-brainer she showcased and treated her guests to some of South Africa’s most favourite brands and small businesses, which Chandre personally endorses and supports, such as Lanie Bath & Body, Fragrance Find, and Ginger-Handmade Jewellery who are proudly South African local businesses, as well as Life Day Spa Waterfront, and Tammy Taylor Sea Point.

Chandre’s passion for design and attention to detail definitely shone through in her designs, theme and overall ambience of the evenings event, with guests being treated to a studded affair from fire dancers, live performances and a guest speaker, held on the impressive rooftop of the Radisson Red Hotel in the V&A Waterfront. 

She is known as Lady G and describes herself as a “fashion rebel at heart, a fearless human wanting to prove to the world that you should live each moment as if it were your last. “Lady G is a woman that believes she can run for the Mrs SA title,” Chandre says.

Chandre Goosen-Joubert

Upon entering the event, guests were treated to a personalised gin tasting experience, as well an array of South African inspired tapa’s. The event took on a local theme of “African Soiree” where Chandre, who shone in a Kat Van Duinen creation, cleverly showcased and highlighted South African brands who not only produce locally, but also contribute towards their own charitable causes, such as Generosity Water.

With her eyes set firmly on the title, Chandre aims to be a beacon of hope for the women and children in South Africa and speak up about Women Empowerment in our country.

“Women Empowerment is very close to my heart reason being, I know what I went through as a woman and I am trying to be a motivational force for other woman around me and help them along their own journey and through their own struggles. Motivational talks are something I am passionate about – if I can help or save one women or many, then I know that I am doing something good out there. Woman are nurturers, not someone else’s punching bag. It’s about standing fiercely and firmly and fighting for the rights of women and children in SA. I have entered Mrs SA being a gender based violence survivor, and I believe people need to hear my story knowing that there is hope and light at the end of every tunnel. For me, Women Empowerment is having a purpose and being able to be a role model to women and children in South Africa. It is a woman who is not only fearless, but uses her voice to stand up and speak up for those who can’t. Empowering others means to be able to stand up proudly and give others hope, by letting the world know that no matter what their past or current issues are, that they have a choice. I want to lead by example and assist others that are currently underprivileged or going through emotional and/or physical abuse and help them better their lives and overcome the hardships they have faced. Women must realize that they are born with a voice, they just need the confidence to use it.” – Chandre Goosen-Joubert

Chandre Goosen-Joubert

As the sun began to set over the iconic Waterfront, the guests were treated to local Steenberg Wine and a live performance by the talented PJ Powers which brought a true sense of African spirit. Mrs South Africa 2nd Princess 2020, Olwethu Nodada, also took to the stage to share her inspiring story and journey, and took on the important role of introducing Chandre to her guests with an inspirational and motivational Q&A session.

But beyond the rooftop braai, and clinks of champagne glasses, lay a more pressing matter at hand – the main reason for bringing so many incredible people together. Chandre Goosen-Joubert believes that the money she raises for Women4Women will not only benefit them positively, but enable them to continue the remarkable work that they do on a daily basis.

“I am truly in awe of the work they do at Women4Women, which is why there is not better organisation to recognise this evening than them. GD Life Wines was gracious enough to make a R2 500.00 donation towards the charity and I hope that this will inspire more companies to recognise the work they do, and assist them in whatever way they can,” Chandre says.

“Chandre is an amazing woman with a powerful story to tell.  We are able to help children in under privileged communities to get an education because of efforts such as these.  Nothing we do is possible without funds and awareness which Chandre has contributed  to tremendously” says Brigitte Willers, GM for Women4Women.

Chandre Goosen-Joubert


Women4Women is a non-profit (NPO) organisation focused on female empowerment, community upliftment and youth education. The main goal is to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged girls of South Africa by providing access to life skills and education.

Our mission is to ultimately empower “The Girl Child” to have a brighter future and to make the right decisions for a better life. This will decrease teenage pregnancy and increase educated females in underprivileged communities which will allow them to improve their circumstances.

Chandre would like to thank the following:

Radisson RED Hotel, PJ Powers, Olwethu Nodada, Generosity Water, Tammy Taylor Nails Sea Point, Catrice Cosmetics, Zawadi, Ginger Hand-Made, Vergelegen Wines, Lanie Soaps, Batiste Hair, MojoMe, Life Day Spa Waterfront, Hilde Alet Malan, Fragrance Find, Kat Van Duinen, Steenberg Wine, KDT Comms, Beau Concepts and GD Life Wines.

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