What You Need To Know About South African Artist, Taryn Treisman, Of Custom Pop


Her subject matter is known to cleverly combine nature with fashion, whether it is a bird, a sneaker or a floral painting. She uses a combination of digital with traditional art showcasing acrylic, puff paints, and digital graffiti to capture movement and fun making the brush dance and her soul sing.

She does not conform to straight lines and believes in organised chaos. She believes we are living in the digital revolution and her artwork is a sign of the times.

She is the true definition of the new-age era with art taking on many new and exciting forms, that transpire from one idea to a culmination of many, combined into an artistic expression of spontaneous dance and movement.

Taryn Treisman, 38, owner of Custom Pop, is no stranger to the Arts and Culture industry having recently collaborated with high-end galleries and exhibitions around Johannesburg.

She is creatively dynamic in her work and aims to take her brand to new heights with her latest exhibition hitting the streets of Cape Town this month.

“My paintings are representative of the world I see around me. I am inspired by pop culture and things that I find interesting. My love of colour and sleek look of the Perspex is what really makes my artwork stand out. I have always loved fashion and include jackets in some of my artworks such as the leather jacket or Gucci silk bomber jackets. My artworks are statement pieces that are a reflection of the experiences I have in my life,” she says.

HEYBOO showcases 5 interesting things you need to know about Taryn and why we are currently loving her work and her brand concept.

REASON ONE: Her work is a clever combination of childlike elements, along with cartoons, fashion, and colourful messages.

I have always had a passion for art but decided to become a full-time artist only 4 years ago. I am a very sentimental person and have kept every letter and card from every friend since I was 9 years old. Making things personal and customised Is very important to me and makes the gift more special and unique. I love to work with the art buyer and we customise the artwork together adding sentimental dates, special names, favourite foods, photos or images together. I have even created a piece as part of someone’s wedding proposal!”

REASON TWO: Her work is uniquely different. An artistic breath of fresh air!

I believe my scribble, edgy style makes me identifiable, however, I do believe I have a lot more to learn and improve on, and I am still working on my uniqueness and style. So watch this space.Not all pieces are custom – some are originals or mixed media with my own ideas and images.”

REASON THREE: She is proudly South African and putting SA Artists on the Map.

I just love what I do, I don’t paint to be an esteemed artist but rather to keep my soul happy and to sell more art so that I can continue to be creative, paint and do more of what I love. I have collaborated with fashion brands or lifestyle brands such as Fairtex, wicked candles and lock and stone hats and bags. I love seeing my art on different objects and not only on the wall. I am currently in a few galleries in Israel. We will be having an exhibition in Tel Aviv soon. I am now also in Sandton City at the Neyborly store. You can also find my artwork at Tten Bazaar in Plettenberg bay as well as You and I art gallery in Seapoint Cape Town.”

REASON FOUR: Treisman studied BA in marketing communication at the University of Johannesburg and Design at Vega Brand School – experience!

I had an internship at the Art Institute of Chicago, we had to organise events for young professionals. It was exciting and fun. I was so grateful to see masterpieces every day meet great people and interact with art collectors and young professionals.”

REASON FIVE: She’s proudly bringing back a sense of celebrated art and creativity in SA, how it should be!

I think it helps me appreciate the smaller details in life. I spend more time noticing how the light is reflecting on someone’s face or spend more time taking in nature when I walk. I am also a much more patient person because of Art. I also think social media has helped celebrate more South African Artists but we always need to celebrate artwork more.”

For more information, visit: http://www.custompop.art/

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