Exploring the Wonderful World of Crocheting: An Interview with Tarryn Creates

Image of Tarryn of Tarryn Creates

For this inspiring interview, we are joined by Tarryn, a crochet enthusiast who has turned her passion into a business, Tarryn Creates.

Tarryn studied Occupational Therapy which allowed her to explore her creative side, and it was during her studies that she learned to crochet. After some time away from the needles, Tarryn picked it up again in 2021 and has since been hooked! Pun intended 😉

Her range of crochet projects includes blankets, wall hangings, clothing, and Amigurumi (3D teddies and creatures). Tarryn finds crochet to be a mindful practice and an important aspect of her mental health. In this interview, we will be learning more about Tarryn’s inspiration, her favourite designs, and advice for aspiring crocheters.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into crocheting? Has it always been a passion of yours?

As a little kid, I would always describe myself as being quite creative. I enjoyed making all kinds of things and I went on to study Occupational Therapy which really allowed me to explore that creative side.

I learned to crochet during my studies (it was actually one of my subjects – we were learning to be masters of all types of skills so we could assist our patients to get back into their crafts after illnesses such as strokes, brain injuries etc). I stopped for a few years and picked it up again in 2021 and I was hooked! Although I had made squares for a blanket in the past, I started exploring all the different types of crochet projects.

You offer a range of different designs; what inspired these designs and which is your favourite?

The crochet projects I make are both inspired by custom orders as well as things I find on Pinterest. When I get orders, I look for patterns I like and I’m really blown away by how many free patterns you can find online. You can do SO MUCH with crochet – blankets, wall hangings, clothing and Amigurumi (a Japanese style of crochet where you make 3D teddies and creatures).

Amigurumi is definitely my favourite at the moment. I have always enjoyed making Safari animals as they remind me so much of how I grew up spending holidays in Kruger Park. I love doing new projects, so when each custom order comes through, I genuinely get so excited.

Crocheting is time-consuming and requires a whole lot of patience – how do you stay motivated to create?

It can be quite time-consuming, but I really see it as a mindful practice. Once I’ve completed my work for the day, I often pick up my project and crochet for an hour or two in the evenings. When I first started learning, it was definitely challenging to stay motivated. But with any new skill, you need to keep going and it definitely gets easier with time. Once you learn and under the skill, it becomes so mindful and enjoyable.

I have found that keeping my mind (and hands) busy, is such an important practice for my mental health – keeping me calm and grounded. Also, sometimes I put a project down and only come back to it a month later when I’m feeling motivated again, haha.

How can one put in an order with you and do you offer custom designs?

You can DM me on Instagram @tarrycreates. I have a whole lot of pics and videos on my profile of things I have created. You can also request something different and I will send you patterns. What I love about customs is that you can choose size, colours etc making it completely unique. 🙂

Do you have any advice for aspiring crocheters out there?

Get started and keep going! Honestly, it is so much fun being able to be creative, whether it’s crocheting, knitting, painting – anything. Somewhere, over time, I feel as though we have lost a bit of our creative side. See what sparks your excitement and get those creative juices flowing.

Also – YOUTUBE! so amazing for tutorials and lessons especially when you’re getting started. I started with Hooked by Robin which has amazing tutorials and I have even put a few of my own videos up, also on Tarryn Creates on YouTube.

Getting to know Tarryn:

  • If I had to choose one person, alive or dead, as my inspiration, it would be… probably my husband – he is so motivated when it comes to learning new things and he inspires me to keep busy and keep going!
  • My favourite hobby is (other than crocheting)… exercising or swimming in the ocean.
  • My daily mantra is… to do something fun every day 🙂

Thanks, Tarryn!

You can follow her journey at the profile below.

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