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We are human. And occasionally, we get lost in ourselves or the people who surround us. That is where Annette Müller comes in.

This power-house of a woman shares her journey with us, explaining why she decided on a career change and how she is helping others find their fulfilment…

Who is Annette Müller and what do you do?

I am a women’s empowerment coach and guide. I am a writer. I am a witch. A witch, to me, is a woman who is unafraid of her spiritual power and her inner wild woman. I look to nature as my teacher and work with plants as my remedies. I am the founder of Wild Nettle – a wild herbal brand that supports the health of people and the planet. 

My devotion is to return sacred feminine practices to modern-day living, encouraging women to live a rich and fulfilling life from the inside out.

My offerings include:

  • Herbal Consultations & Wild Nettle Remedies
  • Women’s Circle Facilitator Training
  • Monthly New Moon Circles (virtual & in-person)
  • Online Money & Marketing Courses to Support Female Entrepreneurs 
  • Retreats, Workshops & Dance Party Events

What inspired you to change your course in life and begin your spiritual journey?

I got very sick physically and mentally when I was 21 and realized law and modelling, and the path I was on, was not my soul-calling. My body has always been a great teacher and forced me to start looking at my health and a deeper call to turn inward. I then began a journey of learning how to live a more authentic and connected life through surrendering to something greater than myself and the ideas of who I thought I should be.

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You present many great retreats for women, what do you hope one gets out of your offerings?

A deep connection to their bodies, to nature, and to a sisterhood that can support them. My retreats are a space for women to unravel, drop their masks, and truly meet themselves and their truth. When women leave my retreats they feel a sense of relief and freedom that encourages them to let go of what no longer serves them and start living a life of passion and purpose. They are a space for courageous women who are ready to show up as the leaders and changemakers this world desperately needs. 

For our aspiring business babes, what are some of the struggles and successes of owning your own business? 

The struggle is that you are your own boss and therefore you have to really want it in order to birth a sustainable business. You have to learn to be resilient and not take things so personally as you will fail and failing is part of succeeding. When you share your truth you will trigger people. I had to learn to let go of trying to fit into a mould my culture or family created for me and keep finding my tribe who had a similar vibe. My greatest lesson was in building a team and getting fellow coaches to support me as I grew. Women leaning on women is my motto – we go further when we work together – and it is just WAY more fun! 

Annette Muller Modelling

What advice would you give to future boss babes?

My advice to future female entrepreneurs is to find what truly lights your fire. Avoid trying to replicate other people’s ideas. Your unique magic is what will sell and what will sustain your interest. Finding your passion takes time and will change as you change, be patient with your journey. The best advice I can give is to get to know yourself intimately and find supportive coaches or networks who can inspire and guide you. 

Where can we book your programs? 

My current offerings are:

Online Live Offerings 
– Monthly free women’s circles at:

– A Women’s Circle Facilitator Training at:

Online Courses:
– Online Money Course:

– Online Mini-Money Course:

Herbal Remedies & Nutritional Guidance:

Private Coaching: Email me at to find out more and book a free discovery call. 

Getting to know Annette:

  • Who is your SHEro? All the badass female ancestors that came before me 
  • Pizza or pasta? oooh pasta…
  • What is your fave hobby? Foraging for healing plants, making remedies, learning, and participating in courses. 
  • What would you sing at karaoke night? Don’t Know Why – Nora Jones 
  • Quote, you live by?  –  “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” —Rumi

Thanks Annette!

Your can follow her journey below ↯

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