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We don’t know about you, but beauty backed by science is something we fully support – after all, wouldn’t you want your skin care products to be made by someone who has a “Master’s in Biotechnology specializing in Biochemistry, a Doctorate in Genetics, and a master’s in business administration?” Just look at those credentials 🙌

This is where InnovaGlow comes in. It is a “South African brand with a strong focus on sustainable and clean ingredients for use in our multicultural skin care. InnovaGlow was developed by an award-winning scientist with the purpose to be simple, clean, affordable and effective.”

We spoke with Dr Samantha Baron, the brains behind the beauty brand, to find out more about InnovaGlow, what set’s her products apart from the rest, and more…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you started InnovaGlow?

I previously worked alongside dermatologists and other medical professionals formulating skincare and medical aesthetic products for several premium brands in South Africa. Being in the science and skincare industry for many years, it was clear that these skincare products were not always accessible to most people. 

InnovaGlow was conceptualized with the intention of providing quality, scientifically validated and results-driven skincare to the majority. Our vision was to break the mould and create a new space where affordable and truly effective skincare products were easily accessible by most individuals.

With multiple skincare brands on the market, what sets yours apart from the rest?

InnovaGlow was founded and formulated on a scientific basis. There is an art to scientifically developing effective skincare products. Each InnovaGlow formulation takes into consideration the biology, chemistry and genetics of the skin. We only use ingredients with solid scientific backing to their effects on the skin. 

South Africans know what they want and they are not afraid to let people know, there was a need for affordable active skincare in the current economic climate and we provided that. 

How has your education helped you in creating the best products for skincare?

I got my Master’s in Biotechnology specializing in Biochemistry, my Doctorate in Genetics and my master’s in business administration. Having this background really opened my eyes to the holistic approach we need to pursue for healthy skin. Each formulation is really designed for this purpose, healthy skin for a healthy glow.  

Being able to personally select the ingredients, develop each product and take it to market has been exciting, challenging, and worth it. I love this brand and every product that we created; I wouldn’t use anything else on my skin right now. 

Where can we find your skincare range for sale and which is your absolute must-have product, in your opinion?

You can shop InnovaGlow products online;

It’s difficult to choose one product as I religiously use every single product, BUT if I had to, I would definitely recommend the 0.3% retinol serum for the evening and the 10% vitamin C serum for the morning. This duo really works to rejuvenate and resurface the skin. 

Do you have advice for women interested in starting their own company?

I worked with some amazing people to get this brand off the ground, where they all understood and perfectly captured the brand vision. So my advice would be to learn, collaborate and partner with those that have the same vision as you.

It takes a village to build a business, make sure you have the right support structure in your village. And, if you can, find a mentor because support through mentorship is invaluable. 

Getting to know Dr Samantha Baron:

  • If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing before starting my business, it would be… Don’t listen to the naysayers, you got this girl. 
  • If I had to choose one person, alive or dead, as my inspiration, it would be… Honestly, the people who inspire me every day are some of my closest friends, family, and colleagues. These women don’t give up, every day they push harder toward their goals and dreams. I see how they handle their businesses, family and other aspects of their lives and I am in complete awe. These strong women are my inspiration.   
  • My favourite hobby is… Lately, I really enjoy experimenting with cooking, trying new recipes, and playing around with different flavours. The kitchen has basically become my other lab 😊 
  • My daily mantra is… “forever a student, never stop learning”

Thank you, Dr Baron! Go follow her venture below ↯

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