Naturals Beauty – Ethical, Effective & Affordable Skincare

Naturals Beauty

We caught up with Tanya du Bois, the founder of Naturals Beauty, and asked her a few questions about her brand and what sets her products apart from the rest.

Who is Naturals Beauty?

Naturals Beauty was born out of a love and curiosity for natural beauty and body products back in 2007. I became acutely aware of the ingredients only after having a child and was alarmed at all the ‘nasties’ that go into commercial body products. We are proud to offer an Ethical, Effective & Affordable skin and body care range.

Why did you choose to go into the beauty industry?

I chose to move my family over to all-natural bath & body care products and struggled to find products on the market that suited all our needs.

Naturals Beauty

What sets your products apart from others? 

The formulations are not simplistic and we use a lovely range of natural, sophisticated extracts and actives in our products which include baobab, pomegranate, goji berry, calendula, aloe to name just a few.

What are your 3 favourite products from your range?

 Anti Ageing serum in our Essential Collection Range; Night cream in our Essential Collection Range and our Body crème from the body care range.

Naturals Beauty

Where can we find your beauty products?

You can find us online through our own online store or stores like Faithful to Nature. You can also find us in most Wellness Warehouse stores and many independent health and gifting stores.

Any advice for aspiring female beauty-business owners out there?

Find yourself an honest, experienced cosmetic chemist as soon as possible and go natural with your ingredients!

Thank you Tanya!

Grab some products for yourself here and check out Naturals Beauty on Instagram below ❤︎
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