Influential Entrepreneurs Making A Difference In The Aesthetics Industry


Meet Mariette & Carla Monteiro, owners of Skin PhD Queenswood, a tranquil and peaceful setting where you will receive bespoke treatments to enhance your outer and inner beauty.

Situated in Queenswood Quarter, Pretoria, their salon offers a wide variety of beauty treatments – from massages and waxes; to advanced facials and aesthetic beauty treatments. Apart from their wide variety of beauty treatments they also offer a variety of nail services. From pedicures to manicures and nail enhancements… You name it!

We caught up with the dynamic duo and found out what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the aesthetics industry.

What makes the beauty industry one that you enjoy?

Clients that are genuinely helped by our advice and expertise – may it be from skin to hair. It’s wonderful to see a client leaving the store happy!

Describe a typical day in the life of a Beauty Aesthetic Salon manager?

Overseeing the day to day operations. Ensuring the therapists/stylists are ready for the day and that everything runs accordingly to plan, not to mention do any damage-control if needed.

When did you first discover your passion for beauty and aesthetics?

In high school – we were always experimenting with our mom’s make-up. Trying new hairdo’s on each other. Making some really bad decisions that involved a bad perm and pixie cut!

Do you believe a store manager should have specialised skills?

Definitely! Everything from leadership to marketing skills. Customer service is key as you want your clients to come back again.

Criticism is always good. It gives us a new perspective to something we might have missed or never considered.

Skin PhD Queenswood

How do you deal with negative criticism/customers?

Criticism is always good. It gives us a new perspective to something we might have missed or never considered.

What motto or words do you live by in the workspace?

Client Service! Client Service! Client Service!!

What are some of the challenges faced in the beauty industry?

Finding the correct staff – ones that fit the image you want to portray to your clients.

What important lesson have you learnt from being in the beauty and aesthetics industry?

Problem-solving and definitely time management are key!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a business in the aesthetics field?

This is a challenging industry but if you find the correct staff then you’re halfway there. They can either make or break your business. Finding staff with the same passion for the industry is a winner! We have such an incredible team, who we regard as family!

What are some of the positive perks of being in the beauty and aesthetics industry?

Being able to sell one of the best beauty products on the market for South Africa women and men. Learning about new aesthetic trends.

Which celebrity do you have “skin-envy” for – international or local?

Jennifer Aniston! She hasn’t aged at all.

If you could align your beauty salon with any celeb, who would it be and why?

This is a “toughie” – we still don’t have an answer to this one! We love so many local celebs. We recently had Actress, Reandi Grey in store, as well as Professional Rugby Player, Rosko Specman.


Favourite facial product? Retinol-Surge! Retinol helps give your skin’s metabolism the boost it needs to reveal more supple, smooth and tightened skin. 
Top skincare secret? Collagen Skin Supplement – enhances skin elasticity, skin firmness and it especially redensifies the skin. 
Favourite haircare product? Perfect product for cleansing while creating soft, silky hair.
Favourite aesthetic treatment? FraxFace – increases plumpness & firmness of the skin. Improves skin tone, texture and wrinkles. 
Favourite body range product? Cellulite Control – highly effective body care lotion that visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. 
Hottest nail colour at the moment? Biosculpture Pretty Gritty Colours – it’s stunning! 
Gel or Acrylic? Gel – it allows your nail to breath with the product on it!

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