White Lion Lodge Review & Why This Experience Should Be On Your Bucket List

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We recently went on a weekend getaway to White Lion Lodge in the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. And oh what an experience it was!

Situated just three hours from Cape Town along the picturesque Route 62, White Lion Lodge is privately owned and offers luxury accommodation in the Karoo Wilderness.

Some amazing facts about the reserve before we jump into the review:

· The Sanbona Reserve is a whopping 58 000 hectares big
· You can view the Big 5 and other species such as the rare riverine rabbit, giraffe, caracal, aardvark, brown hyena, springbok, hartebeest, eland, kudu, hippos, and zebra; to name but a few
· There are over 200 species of birds
· “The name “Sanbona” is a recognition of the San, the original indigenous people who wandered this area for thousands of years and “bona” meaning ”to see” which represents their vision of the Little Karoo” – Caleo Foundation

Now that you know a bit more about this stunning location, here is what we thought of the adventure we went on…

White Lion Lodge Suites

The Suites

Boasting four private rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, walk-in dressing rooms, and balconies with seating and outdoor showers; these stilted and thatched suites are absolutely breathtaking.

The suite we stayed in featured a full bathroom with a large bathtub and shower, a television, a fireplace, air-conditioning (a blessing), and much more.

We felt very comfortable in the suite and loved waking up to a view of the wild.

White Lion Lodge Facilities

The Lodge

The main lodge, which is closely located to the suites, comprises an indoor and outdoor dining area, a lounge with a fireplace, and a kitchen where the wonderful staff cook delicious food.

The outdoor facilities include a pool overlooking the bush, loungers, a fire pit, and a wood-burning hot tub that also overlooks the wild.

We used the pool, loungers, and hot tub (at night, while we stargazed), which were all fantastic additions to an already epic holiday.

White Lion Lodge Facilities

When it came to dining, the food was immaculate and the staff are very respectful of any dietary requirement one might have. The drinks were also top-notch; including local beers, ciders, champagne, and soft drinks.

The lodge has also added massages to its offerings, which are available at an additional cost.

White Lion Lodge

The Nature Drives

Wow oh wow! Whether you are a seasoned wildlife reserve-goer or not – this experience is such a treat!

The nature drives at White Lion Lodge are guided by a very knowledgeable individual named Isreal (he is the best!) and are super exciting. We went on two different drives during our stay, an afternoon/evening trip and a sunrise trip.

The afternoon drive was in the Southern part of the reserve, where we saw several animals, including zebra, springbok, and elephants. The morning drive involved a trip into the Nothern part of Sanbona, where we gazed upon white lions, elephants, eland, a spotted eagle owl, and more.

Each trip also included a stop; sundowners or coffee break, and delicious snacks, all while taking in the scenery.

White Lion Lodge Wildlife

Our Final Thoughts

We can (very) confidently say that this is an adventure of a lifetime. As the reserve is so big, you really do feel like you are in the wild. This, coupled with Isreal (the trained guide), and the stunning lodge with its wonderful staff and facilities; made the getaway a dream.

There was not one thing that wasn’t catered to and our every need was met.

Thank you, White Lion Lodge and all its incredible staff!

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