Your New Miss Africa 2022 – Tiffany-Amber Moses

Tiffany-Amber crowned

Tiffany-Amber started modelling at the mere age of 5. Since then, the media personality, model, full-time psychology student and aspiring forensic psychologist, has won many pageantry titles to date which include Miss Pre-Teen Africa; Miss teen Cape Town; Miss Rainbow Nation; Best Model SA and MISS JNR SOUTH AFRICA 2019.

She also had the wonderful opportunity of representing South Africa internationally, twice. She participated in Little Miss world where she was crowned as Little Miss Actress. In 2019 she represented S.A at Miss Lumiere International World in Singapore where she placed fourth and won the “People’s Choice Award.”

Apart from Modelling, Tiffany-Amber also owns her own modelling school namely, “Tiffany-Amber MODELS”, where she offers pageant training such as ramp skills, interview skills as well as etiquette to young girls and boys.

She’s a power-house woman, with big dreams and an even bigger heart! Her recent title is that of Miss Africa 2022, one which she considers very “special” to her.

What does it mean to hold the title of Miss Africa 2022 – we caught up with Tiffany-Amber and got all the exclusive details.

Congrats on winning “Miss Africa 2022” – what does the title mean to you?

This title is so special to me! I know the massive platform winning a title of this magnitude will create for me, in order to make a massive difference in not only my community, but the whole of South Africa. I am excited for my year of reign and the various charity projects I will be involved with. 

Tiffany-Amber dressed up in yellow outfit

As the title winner, what does it entail going forward? 

For the next year, I will be doing a lot of charity work and projects in order to make an active difference. I will be sharing it on social media so that it encourages others to do the same so that it can create a ripple effect. It is important to make use of the platform of this title as it can open many doors, not only for me but for those who need it most.

What made you decide to enter this specific contest?

I entered this pageant to utilise the platform of ‘AFRICA’ Pageants so that I could make an even bigger difference! I haven’t done a pageant since 2018. So I knew that this specific one was for me, and that I had all of the qualities that would potentially make me the winner!

Tiffany-Amber with her awards

The selection and voting process was carried out over multiple days, with various themed outfit categories. Tell us more about this?

We had multiple themed categories and we spent the week visiting our amazing sponsors who ensured we had a great time at their various establishments. We had to have a lot of different outfits including Nautical wear, French wear, a cocktail dress, 60s look, interview wear, evening wear and swimwear.

What important piece of advice/pep-talk do you give yourself before you go out onto the stage?

I just remind myself to have fun as I know I have worked extremely hard, so if it is meant for me, it will be! There’s nothing more I can do or prepare for, so living in the moment and knowing I gave it my all is very important to me.

Tiffany-Amber and friends

What preparation goes into ensuring you are ready for your big day on stage?

I need to ensure all my outfits are up to standard so getting the correct people to design this for me is important. Thankfully, I had some of the best in the business in my corner, with my evening wear dress from Sonja Fourie, interview wear from GD Suits and swimwear from Stephan-Kleinhans le Roux.

I decided last minute to enter so I’m thankful they could get everything ready for me in time! Finding the correct shoes is also usually quite challenging and then of course I had to take care of my skin, hair and nails to ensure it looks healthy throughout the week. Getting into the correct mindset is also essential! 

How does one select the look and feel, stage-wear, they’re going to wear on the day?

It is usually difficult to decide but looking at inspiration from Pinterest and other big pageants throughout the year usually helps me! It’s important to not create the exact same dress as someone else, but rather add your own touch to your outfits, so that it reflects you and your personality accurately. 

You entered alongside your mom, Heidi, although in different categories. What does it mean to you to be able to do these types of competitions together?

Yes, I competed alongside my mom and she also won her category, Mrs AFRICA Classic 2022. It is such a privilege to do it alongside her and it was lovely to spend the whole week with her doing all of the activities together and bonding! 

As a modelling coach and mentor, what winning advice do you take back to your studio?

Never let a crown and sash change who you are! Staying true to yourself throughout your journey is very important.

Why do you believe entering competitions like this, is important for you and your student’s self-esteem and morale?

Entering competitions like this is important as it allows you to improve your self-confidence. Your public speaking skills improve and you learn many other skills which you carry with you and use in many other areas of your life. You are also able to interact with people from all walks of life. Winning the title also gives you a new platform where you are able to create a massive difference and help so many people!

Tiffany won the following Awards: 

Best Nautical Outfit, Best in Interview, Best Model, Fashionista Queen, Selfie Queen, Best Swimwear Best evening wear and Best dressed Cocktail wear!

Follow Tiffany-Amber’s journey: 

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