The Herbalist Review: Our Take On The Natural Supplement Brand

The Herbalist

Meet The Herbalist: a holistic health nutraceutical company in South Africa that focuses on “optimising brain, fitness, sleep and more – naturally.”

I was fortunate enough to be given the choice of two supplements from their range online – and this has been my experience over the last month of using The Herbalist’s products.

*Please note that this is my personal experience and everyone reacts differently when taking supplements. Consult your doctor or The Herbalist experts if you want to know more before beginning your natural-health journey.

First off – as someone who takes daily meds prescribed by a doctor, I enquired about taking the supplements and what their interactions with my meds may be. The enquiry was via their WhatsApp business account and prompt customer support was provided by Kelly, who explained that the meds and supplements are perfectly fine to take together. He also suggested a product based on my daily meds to help me with anxiety.

I chose to go with the Moringa capsules and the Anti-Anxiety capsules. Let’s dive into my thoughts on the products.

*TW: mentions of weight loss and depression.

The Herbalist Website

The website was easy to use with a great deal of information. The checkout and payment systems were user-friendly and streamlined. I liked that you can choose to get order updates on WhatsApp and/or email.

After finalising the purchase, I received a WhatsApp and an email confirming the order, as well as an email about “How to Become a Natural Superhuman” which introduced four days of emails containing information about sleep, wellness, stress-related doctor’s visits, and nutrition – of which all were very informative.

The supplements arrived within a day or two and were packaged perfectly with a bit more information about the benefits of my chosen products.


The Moringa Capsules

I was super excited to try these capsules as I have heard many great things about Moringa. But for those who don’t know;

Moringa is the Most Nutrient-Dense Plant in the World.

Some of the Main Benefits are: More Energy, Healthy Weight Maintenance, Muscle GrowthBetter Brain PerformanceHealthy Hair & Nail Growth, and Healthy Skin.

Contains: 100% Pure Moringa Leaf Powder.

The Herbalist

As you can see, the benefits are tremendous. My goal with this supplement was weight maintenance, and it sure did its job! Snacking was almost completely eradicated from my daily eating habits, as when I took the supplements, I felt no urge to “eat more” than I should.

While this is my experience with the capsules, everyone is different, but I can confidently say that I lost weight on this supplement and will be continuing to use the capsules for the foreseeable future.

As for the other benefits – I have always had healthy nails and skin, and I have yet to notice hair and muscle growth, however, better brain performance was also noticeable and very welcomed. 😅

Overall, I give this product five stars as it really did make a difference in my everyday eating habits – for the better.

The Herbalist

The Anti-Anxiety Capsules

I suffer from depression, OCD, and anxiety; so I was also super excited to try the Anti-Anxiety capsules. Here is more info on the supplement:

Anti-Anxiety capsules provide fast-acting relief to stress and anxiety-related symptoms. They also help increase energyfocus & productivity.

Sceletium acts as a natural antidepressant and helps to boost moods.

Green Kratom increases motivation and energy and is great for anxiety as well as combatting addictions.

Turmeric also helps relieve stress and anxiety and achieve inner balance.

Contains: Sceletium, Turmeric, Green Kratom.

the herbalist

These supplements definitely had an effect on me. When I felt overwhelmed, I would take two capsules as directed and I could feel the calming results, even when taken along with my daily meds.

I highly recommend this product if you have anxious “bursts” like I do. These are very handy when needed and they work quickly – which I’m sure others who suffer would appreciate.

My mood has been better since starting both of the supplements, and I’m sure they complement each other, therefore, these capsules also earn five stars from me. 🤗

Final Thoughts 💭

In closing, the Moringa and the Anti-Anxiety capsules worked wonders on me personally; I now swear by Moringa and will continue to take it daily.

My experience with The Herbalist as a company has also been very pleasant, and I highly recommend them for your supplement needs.

If you want to know more about their products and their benefits, check them out here!

Thanks for reading and we hope you join us on this exciting supplement journey!

Grab your stash at the following link – The Herbalist – and give them a follow down below ↯

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