Meet Ayanda Majola – Medical Science Student And Yanda Cosmetics Founder

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NOTE: Yanda Cosmetics does not have a website at the time of 12 May 2023.

Do you know that non-stop entrepreneur grind that people talk about? Well, Ayanda Majola sure knows all about that life.

The inspiring Yanda Cosmetics founder is a boss babe and a medical science student 🤯 Bringing you ‘Science Powered Skincare That’s Sensitive Skin Friendly.’

We had a quick chat with Ayanda to see what her journey has been like so far in her budding career as a makeup and skincare mogul.

Hi Ayanda! Please tell us about yourself and how you got started with Yanda Cosmetics?

Yanda Cosmetics actually stemmed from my personal struggles with skin and makeup. I struggled with acne since I was a teenager and none of the drugstore skincare brands worked for me. Then fast forward to when I started getting into makeup that was a struggle on its own, from struggling to find products that match my skin tone to spending thousands on makeup products only for them to worsen my skin condition. I decided to use my own knowledge of the skin and science to make products that I know will work.

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You are a medical science student as well as an entrepreneur, how do you manage you time?

It’s very difficult juggling between a demanding degree and a business that requires me to be hands-on especially considering that I do everything myself but it takes some discipline, prioritizing and also no time for a social life.

With an abundance of beauty companies out there, what sets yours apart?

What makes Yanda Cosmetics different is that every single product is made from my knowledge of both medicine and science. Anyone who uses any of our products can do so with the confidence that they were formulated with clinically proven ingredients and of course, love. We are committed to bringing non-toxic, simple, effective and affordable scientific skincare.

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You have quite a collection of cosmetics. If you had to choose one product to have with you always, which one would it be?

That’s a very difficult question! But if I were to only choose one it would have to be the Niacinamide Hydrating Face Mist. It’s the perfect product to carry in your bag to use as a pick-me-up during the day when your skin is feeling greasy or to spritz over your makeup to keep it looking matte.

Where can we shop your products?

You can shop Yanda Cosmetics on our website: or on our official online stockists: and

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Last, but not least, what advise would you like to give aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

My advice is to be resilient. Social media has made it seem like running a small business is easy because no one is sharing their struggles but in reality, being a small business owner is emotionally, physically and financially taxing so it’s important to keep going even in the tough times because the key to success is focusing on the end goal, not the obstacles.

Getting to know Ayanda: 

• Who is your SHEro?: My SHEro is definitely my mother. She is the epitome of a strong woman and has taught me how to face every problem head-on.
• Pizza or pasta?: Definitely pizza with lots of cheese.
• What is your fave hobby?: I’m a huge book worm! You will always find my nose buried in a good book. 
• What would you sing at karaoke night?: I’m a big fan of The Weeknd so I’d sing Save Your Tears.
• Quote you live by?: ‘Everything happens for a reason, every situation and experience will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be.’

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